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Sahg at Wacken.jpg
Sahg performing live at Wacken Open Air, Germany, 2007.
Background information
Origin Bergen, Norway
Genres Heavy metal, stoner rock, doom metal
Years active 2004–present
Labels Regain
Associated acts Gorgoroth, Audrey Horne, Manngard, I

Sahg is a four-piece Norwegian metal band formed in the summer of 2004.

Formation (2004-2005)[edit]

After years of involvement on different ends of the Norwegian rock and metal scene, four hard rock devotees teamed up under the name Sahg. The band consists of King on bass, Olav on lead vocals and guitar, Thomas on guitar and Tor on drums.

Within a couple of months, the band had the first few songs written and rehearsed, and by the end of 2004, the first rough demo was distributed to a limited number of record labels, among others Swedish Regain Records. The record company responded very quickly and positively, and within another couple of months, the record contract was signed.

Throughout the winter and spring of 2005 Sahg continued to work on the material for their first album, and at the same time worked up quite a solid reputation through their live efforts on the club scene of their hometown, Bergen. 'Sahg I' was recorded and mixed throughout the summer and fall of 2005, with co-producer and additional musician Brynjulv Guddal.

Sahg 1 (2006)[edit]

In mid-April 2006, the band's debut album Sahg 1 was released across Europe, with numerous positive reviews on the album. Sahg 1 entered the Norwegian charts at no. 31.[1] The album's positive reception resulted in Sahg shifting their focus into live performances. The band did some live appearances in Scandinavia throughout the summer, such as the Hole in the Sky Festival in Bergen, Norway. In September 2006, they headed out on a three weeks tour of USA and Canada, supporting Celtic Frost. Returning from there, the band started working on their second album.

Shortly after the studio process was completed, drummer Kvitrafn announced his departure from the band. After much consideration, he had decided to move with his family to a different part of Norway, to seek new opportunities and concentrate on his solo projects. There was no drama around Kvitrafn’s departure, and the band accepted his decision. He stayed in the band for a couple of more months, giving them a chance to find a replacement.

After a couple of months on the look-out for a new drummer, Kvitrafn’s place was filled by Tor Bjarne Bjelland, a widely experienced player, who had recently ended his engagement with a more commercially directed rock act. Tor was an old acquaintance of the band members, and he was more than eager to step up to a more intense division, and join Sahg.

The artwork for the album was created single-handedly by the band members, and the video for "Godless Faith" was shot in October the same year.

In mid-April, 'Sahg I' was released in Europe, and entered the Norwegian charts at no. 31. After the album release, Sahg turned their focus onto playing concerts. The band did some live appearances in Scandinavia and Germany throughout the summer, such as the Hole In The Sky Festival in Bergen, Norway. After only a few months with a new drummer, Tor left the band in early autumn 2006 as well.

In September 2006, Sahg headed out on a three weeks tour of USA and Canada, supporting Swiss metal band Celtic Frost to support North-American release of 'Sahg I' a few months earlier. Along for the ride was also fellow Norwegians, 1349.

Sahg 2 (2007-2008)[edit]

Returning from North-America, the band was very inspired to start working on their second album, and focused on song-writing for the next few months.

Sahg was part of the Wacken Open Air festival in the north of Germany in 2007 and the 2008 edition of the Metal Camp fest.

Sahg 3 (2010-2013)[edit]

Sahg released their third album entitled "Sahg 3" in August 2010.

Delusions of Grandeur[edit]

Sahg's fourth album entitled "Delusions of Grandeur" was released on October 28, 2013 in Europe. On February 12th, 2014 Metal Blade Records premiered the song "Firechild" from the album in North America on the music blog,[2] ahead of its official North American release on February 18, 2014.



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