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Sahito (plural Sahita) is a Sindhi caste/tribe native to Sindh, Pakistan. The tribe is mostly settled in the Khairpur, Naushahro Feroze, Tando Allahyar, Hyderabad and Larakana districts of Sindh.

The Sahito speak the Sindhi Language. MR Lok Ram Dodeja wrote in his Sindhi book "Muhinjo watan muhinja manhoon منھنجو وطن منھنجا مانھو " that the Sahito tribe is related to Sahito Singh. the Son of Moda Singh such that Sahito's are a rajput caste. Pir Hissam ud din Rashdi wrote in his book (Samaat سماٹ ‏) that Sahito's were generals at the time of the Mughal Empire and Sahita's are Sindhi singhs and sahita's have (‏(لقب which is given by Mughals (Jam ‏(جام