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Saidpur, Bangladesh
Saidpur, Bangladesh is located in Bangladesh
Saidpur, Bangladesh
Saidpur, Bangladesh
Location of Saidpur, Bangladesh
Coordinates: 25°46′41″N 88°53′51″E / 25.77806°N 88.89750°E / 25.77806; 88.89750
Country Bangladesh
Division Rangpur Division
District Nilphamari
Upazila Saidpur
Incorporated 1958
 • Total 121.68 km2 (46.98 sq mi)
Population (2011est.)
 • Total 264,209
 • Density 2,180/km2 (5,621/sq mi)
Time zone DST (UTC+6)

Saidpur (Syedpur) (bn:সৈয়দপুর) is a city of Nilphamari district in Rangpur Division of Bangladesh . The city becomes a very important communication hub for adjoining major district headquarters. Saidpur Airport is one of the domestic airports in Bangladesh. The Saidpur Railway Workshop, established in 1870, is the largest railway workshop in Bangladesh. Which was the major railway workshop for Assam-Bengal railway.[1] The city has historically been an Urdu-speaking community with close ties to Bihar, from which many residents originate, particularly the town of Munger. Since Bangladeshi independence, Urdu has declined as the Bihari community either integrated into Bangladeshi society, adopting Bengali, or fled to India or Pakistan.


The city of Saidpur was established around the Saidpur Railway Workshop established in 1870 by the British Colonial regime. Nothing is definitely known about the origin of the upazila name. It is learnt that in the long past there came a Sayed family from Koch Bihar of India and settled in this area and started preaching Islam. It is generally believed that the upazila might have derived its name Saidpur after the name as that Sayed family. Saidpur became Thana in 1915.

Civic administration[edit]

The city has a total area of 121.68 square kilometres (47.0 sq mi) and a population of 264,209. The city of Saidpur was incorporated in 1958.The city is divided into 15 wards and 43 mahallas. City Mayor is elected in every 5 years.

Area and location[edit]

The upazila occupies an area of 121.66 km2. It is located between 25°44′ and 25°52′ north latitudes and between 88°51′ and 89°01′ east longitudes. The upazila is bounded on the north by Nilphamari Sadar and Kishoreganj upazilas on the east by Kishoreganj and Badarganj upazilas of Rangpur zila, on the south by Parbatipur upazila of Dinajpur zila and on the west by Khansama and Chirirbandar upazilas of Dinajpur zila.

It a view of Saidpur


The city is the commercial hub for the surrounding districts. The biggest Railway workshop of Bangladesh is here. The city never sleeps, it is also known as city of night. Business always runs here night and day. The city centre has number of government and private banks, insurance companies, residential hotels, Chinese and Indian restaurants, fast food, sweet shops, gift shop and many more. It is one of most important economic zone in Bangladesh, because of its global positioning. It is one of the safest and cheapest place to invest. People here work hard. Recently local businessmen started to invest in garment sector, and they have succeeded to capture a good market position in India, Nepal, Bhutan etc. on their own capability, so govt. also started to think about this success and interested to give it full support. By the help and initiative taken by SME foundation these garments are now exporting there goods in Europe, USA etc. There are some medium and heavy industries are growing here specially of Agricultural Industry, Crockery, Organic Fertilizer, Oil form recycled tire, light metal industry etc. There are also some good markets, shopping malls here. Communication is so good here to run a business.The pottery is also very beautiful and unique. It has captured a good market nationally and internationally. There are 24 private and government banks in Saidpur most of them have online banking facilities. There are huge number of ATM booths in the city and near it to facilitate online transaction 24/7.

Saidpur Plaza, it is a shopping mall in Saidpur


The city has officers' club and two other clubs and institutes where cities various drama, musical takes place. There also a cultural club 120 years old called Silpo Sahitto Shongshod.Every year people celebrate Eid-ul-fitr, Eid-ul-azha, Bengali New Year Pohela Baishak, English new year etc. with enthusiasm and festive environment. Night life in this city is very festive, the city markets hardly sleeps at night.


The city is famous for its educational institutions.Saidpur College Saidpur Pilot High School Saidpur Government Technical School and College Saidpur Cantonment Public School and College Lions school and college, Saidpur Sunflower School and College, Saidpur and Cantonment Board High School are the seven renowned Schools and Colleges in northern Bangladesh. Besides them there are 9 more colleges and more than 50 secondary and primary schools in the city. The city has three colleges which offer various bachelor and honors degree courses under Bangladesh National University. Among them Saidpur College is a coed college. In recent, four or five schools as well as colleges become top on the merit in the Dinajpur board.[1]


The city is well connected to the major cities of the country by Rail, Bus and Airplane. Saidpur Airport is the only airport in north Bengal. There are many intercity train services from Saidpur to capital city and Rajshahi and Khulna division every day. The Neel Shagor Express enhanced the train transportation. There are more than 300 buses for Saidpur to Dhaka or Chittagong or other big cities.It is a very important commercial city of Bangladesh.[1]


There are four big sports stadium and play grounds are available to meet the cities sports loving people. Many divisional and district level cricket, football, festival sports take places during the year.

Some extra information relating Saidpur[edit]

  1. Up until 1971 Saidpur was the third largest city in the country and employees of Saidpur used to get city allowance.
  2. Saidpur is the one of the postal districts of the country.
  3. District offices of various labour and transport organizations are in Saidpur.
  4. Revenue collected form Nilphamari district, 85% of them comes form Saidpur Upazila only.
  5. Due to the fact that Nilphamari is a District the District Bus Terminal was built in Nilphamari spending crores of taka even though there is hardly any bus travels to and from Nilphamari. Actually the number of vehicles passes through Saidpur within 5 minutes could be double or even more than the number of vehicles travels through Nilphamari district in a day.
  6. All the commercially important persons (CIP) of Nilphamari District are always from Saidpur.
  7. In 2004 Saidpur’s revenue was ranked 11th in the entire country.
  8. In 2008 Saidpur’s revenue was ranked 3rd within the Rajshahi and Rangpur Division.
  9. Saidpur has 24 Banks (out of which 16 with on line banking facilities).
  10. Sadipur is a Railway Division of Bangladesh.
  11. Saidpur has one Brigade Army in the Saidpur Cantonment.
  12. Saidpur has One modern airport.
  13. Most of the local papers published in Nilphamari and other districts of that region are actually printed in Saidpur.


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Coordinates: 25°47′N 88°54′E / 25.783°N 88.900°E / 25.783; 88.900