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Sailen Ghosh (born 1931) is an eminent Bengali child literator and a dramatist.

Personal life[edit]

Sailen Ghosh played a role in the drama Dakghar written by Rabindranath Tagore, when he was in Class IX. The death of the protagonist Amal at the end of the story touched the heart of the author. He wrote a new drama, Gharer Kheya, by adopting the same theme.


Sailen Ghosh wrote and directed dramas for children. In 1959, He became affiliated with the Manimela organisation and started writing for them. He won several awards, including the prestigious Sangeet Natya Academy Award, Vidyasagar Award and Jawarharlal Nehru Fellowship. He has written several short stories, novels and dramas for children in various Bengali magazines, including Anandamela and Sandesh amongst others. Currently he is associated with Sishu Rangan, a children organization.

Sishu Rangan[edit]

At age 80, Sailen Ghosh is still trying to build the future of the country with his unique efforts. He is an active member and volunteer of the Sishu Rangan Organisation, a voluntary body, where children are taught the basics of acting, dancing and singing. He travels to Sishu Rangan which is quite a distance from his residence and trains children who mostly belong to the lower middle-class.

He at present leads a solitary life in his apartment at Kestopur.


  • He won Sangeet Natya Academy Award for his drama Arun Barun Kironmala in 1963.
  • He won National award for his novel Mitul Naame Putulti (written in 1968).
  • He won Nehru Fellowship award from "Jahar Shishu Bhavan" for his contribution in Child literature and Children Organisation
  • He won Mouchak & Moumachi award.[1]


  • Arun Barun Kironmala (Ananda Pub)
  • Aay Brishti Rimjhim (Ananda Pub)
  • Alor Akashe Eagle (Ananda Pub)
  • Ajob Bagher Ajgubi (Ananda Pub)
  • Amar Naam Tayra (Ananda Pub)
  • Abu o Dasyu-Sardar (Ananda Pub)
  • Ajob Bherar Golpo
  • Bon-Sabujer Dweepe (Ananda Pub)
  • Bajna (Ananda Pub)
  • Bagdoom Sing (Ananda Pub)
  • Bhalobasa'r chotto Harin (Ananda Pub)
  • Bhuter Naam Akkush (Ananda Pub)
  • Chotto Sonar Golpo Sona (Ananda Pub)
  • Dusahosi Dui Buro (Ananda Pub)
  • Golpo Jure Ala (Ananda Pub)
  • Golper Minare Pakhi (Ananda Pub)
  • Golpo Sangroho (Ananda Pub)
  • Golper Bhelki (Katha o Kahini)
  • Huppoke Niye Gopppo (Ananda Pub)
  • Itimichi Saheb (Ananda Pub)
  • Jadur Deshe Jagannath (Ananda Pub)
  • Khude Nayoker Naamti Rung (Ananda Pub)
  • Kala Juju (Ananda Pub)
  • Khude Jajabor Istashi (Ananda Pub)
  • Kalo Ghora'r Sowar (Ananda Pub)
  • Kolpoloker Golpo E Noy (Ananda Pub)
  • Mitul Naame Putulti (Ananda Pub)
  • Ma,Ek Nirbhik Sainki (Ananda Pub)
  • Masto Golper Chotto Roshon (Ananda Pub)
  • Nach Re Ghora Nach (Ananda Pub)
  • Natun Diner Nayok (Ananda Pub)
  • Sona-Jhora Golper Inka (Ananda Pub)
  • Swapner Jadukori (Ananda Pub)
  • Sonalir Din (Ananda Pub)
  • Tora Aar Badsha (Ananda Pub)[2]


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