Sailing at the 1908 Summer Olympics – 12 Metre

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12 Metre
at the Games of the IV Olympiad
Hera and Mouchette during the 1908 Olympics.png
Venue Hunter's Quay
Dates July 11–12
Competitors 20 from 1 nation
Teams 2
Gold medal 
Silver medal 
Sailing at the
 1908 Summer Olympics 
Sailing pictogram.svg
6 Metre Open
7 Metre Open
8 Metre Open
12 Metre Open
15 Metre Open (No entries)

The 12 Metre was a sailing event on the Sailing at the 1908 Summer Olympics originally programed in Ryde, but rescheduled for Hunter's Quay. Three races were scheduled. 20 sailors, on 2 boats, from 1 nation competed.


The 1908 Olympic scoring system was used.

12 Metre insigna.png
Helmsman (Country) Medal Crew Medal Yachtname Race I Race II Race III 1's 2's
1  Thomas Glen-Coats Mars symbol.svg (GBR)
John Downes (Mate) Mars symbol.svg
Gold medal icon blank.svg John Aspin Mars symbol.svg
John Buchanan Mars symbol.svg
James Bunten Mars symbol.svg
Arthur Downes Mars symbol.svg
David Dunlop Mars symbol.svg
John Mackenzie Mars symbol.svg
Albert Martin Mars symbol.svg
Gerald Tait Mars symbol.svg
Silver medal icon blank.svg Hera 1
Not sailed 2 0
2  Charles MacIver Mars symbol.svg (GBR)
James Kenion (Mate) Mars symbol.svg
Silver medal icon blank.svg James Baxter Mars symbol.svg
William Davidson Mars symbol.svg
J.A. Gardiner Mars symbol.svg
John Jellico Mars symbol.svg
Thomas Littledale Mars symbol.svg
Cecil R. MacIver Mars symbol.svg
Charles McLeod-Robertson Mars symbol.svg
John Spence Mars symbol.svg
Bronze medal icon blank.svg Mouchette 2
Not sailed 0 2

Mars symbol.svg = Male, Venus symbol.svg = Female

Extra awards[edit]


The map gives an idea of the courses used for the 12 Metre during the 1908 Olympic sailing event.

Both day's the following course was used:

Two rounds for a total of 26 nm.