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Sailing the Farm: A Survival Guide to Homesteading on the Ocean, ISBN 0-89815-051-5, is a book written by Ken Neumeyer.

(Copyright in 1981 by Ken Neumeyer).

This book is considered a classic in sailing and cruising circles (typical examples are seen in the many blogs by the full-time sailing people all around the world, who have been exchanging and trading this book). The book is wonderfully illustrated by Martyn Botfield with seaweed drawings, and by Nancy Austin.

Ken motivated thousands of people planning to set sail for a life on the water and helped improve the lifestyle of thousands more who were, and are, already "out there". Copies of his book are priceless to many and have been a foundation of cruising preparation and sailing lore for forty years, and will likely remain the motivating text for many voyages to come, according to the full-time sailing fraternity.

Back in the 1970s with the new homesteading and back-to-the-land movement, there was a small and brief interest in seasteading, the concept of creating permanent dwellings at sea. The book also covers food production at sea, trade goods, diet for maximum nutrition with minimum weight, and space.

But further to this it describes many other goods and gadgets which are handy for the existence and security of the permanent sea dweller from the still to provide drinkable water to the food driers to preserve the food you grow.

This book is no longer in print and is very difficult to obtain in book form, it was published by the Ten Speed Press, which was taken over by the Crown Publishing Group.


The Index:[1]

  1. The Sailing Homestead: Living on the sea / The perfect survival retreat / Independence on thirty feet
  2. Shipboard Finances: Choosing a vessel / Real security / Real money / Goods for barter/ Making money with the seastead
  3. Survival Tools: Solar stills, food driers, ovens / Water purifier / Galley aids / Sprouting trays / Security Systems
  4. Farming At Sea: Growing sprouts, herbs and vegetables / Growing Spirulina algae
  5. The Ocean Dairy: Seed, nut and dairy milks / Yogurts / Cottage cheese, hard cheese / Yogurt cheese / Tofu / Rejuvelac
  6. Sea Vegetables: The value, uses and preparation of edible seaweeds / Forager’s guide
  7. Preserving Food: Drying fruits, vegetables and fish / Pickling fish / Preserving eggs
  8. Food Selection and Storage: How to determine requirements / Best long-term storage foods / Combining vegetable proteins for optimum nutrition / Storage systems
  9. Seafare’s Recipes: Juices, drinks, smoothies / Milkshakes / Dips, sauces and dressings / Cereals / Salads and Sandwiches / Soups / Entrees / Breads, chips, cookies and leathers / Pies, puddings and fruit sauces


  1. ^ Brief reviews from the book are allowed by the publisher. See publisher's note on page 4.