Saint-Gotthard Massif

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For the larger, underlying geological structure, see Gotthard nappe.

The Saint-Gotthard Massif (German: Gotthardmassiv) is a mountain range in the Alps in Switzerland, located at the border of four cantons: Valais, Ticino, Uri and Graubünden. The Gotthard Pass is named after it.

The highest peaks of the massif are Dammastock (3,630 m) in its northwestern part, Pizzo Rotondo (3,192 m) southwest, Oberalpstock (3,328 m) northeast. There is no peak named Saint-Gothard.

Coordinates: 46°38′28″N 8°25′06″E / 46.64111°N 8.41833°E / 46.64111; 8.41833