Saint Andrews International High School

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Saint Andrews International High School
Blantyre, Southern Region
Type Private school
Founded 1937
School district Blantyre
Headmaster Mr. Gordon Benbow
Language English
Color(s) blue
Sports Hockey
Nickname Saints

Saint Andrews International School in Blantyre, Malawi was founded 1958 as a high school. It was founded by the Church of Scotland Mission in Blantyre.


It was originally founded as a series of mission schools in Limbe, Blantyre and Zomba in Nyasaland (Malawi)in the 1920s just after the First World War.[1] The purpose of the school was to make education available to European students and consisted of children of colonial official, traders, and planters. In an agreement signed in 1937 between the Church of Scotland Mission and the Nyasaland Government in 1938, it officially became St. Andrew's Preparatory School (St. Andrews Primary School) and enrolled 14 students.

Three distinct schools[edit]

With the need to further education,the school split into three parts creating a distinct kindergarten, primary school and a high school in three locations in 1958.[2]

Saint Andrews High School[edit]

The high school came to be known as Saint Andrews High School (SAHS)in 1958. In 1965, a year after Malawian Independence, the school changed its name to "St. Andrew's Secondary School" (SASS).[3] In 1994, it later changed its name to Saint Andrews International High School (SAInts) as it is known now to reflect the international and diverse nature of its student body. The demographics of the school include students of Asian, African, and European descent.

Saint Andrews International High School (SAInts)[edit]

Today, Saints is an exclusive school located in the suburbs of Blantyre, Malawi, and has 620 students from 40 nationalities as part of its day and boarding school.[4] The school offers iGCSE and A-level qualifications in line with the standard British curriculum. There is a strong emphasis on extra-curricular activities, including sports and a variety of clubs and societies. Most notable amongst these are Football, Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, Swimming, Athletics, Water Polo, Tennis, Squash and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The school boasts impressive looking grounds, with the school buildings set on a ridge overlooking the sports facilities and adjacent grounds.


Students study British style curriculum including GCSE/IGCSE, O levels and A levels.[5] The school has an excellent reputation in both academic and sporting regards — with the rivalry between the four houses culminating in the end of year House Cup. St. Andrews focuses its efforts on trying to prepare its students for further studies at international universities including Oxford and Cambridge in England and the Ivy League Universities in the U.S.A.[6]

Houses and Clubs[edit]

The school consists of various houses and clubs; such as Chiradzulu, Michiru, Ndirande and Soche, named after the mountains surrounding Blantyre.[7]


Approximately 80 students are boarders.[8]


  • On May 1, 2001, SAints set a Guinness World Record set for the Longest non-stop Lesson when students were taught 25 hours of PE and History
  • In 2003, the school was noted in the African Almanac as one of the top 100 schools in Africa.[9]
  • Malawian Olympic swimmer, Joyce Tafatatha studies and competes for SaInts.[10]


  • Gordon Benbow 1999 - current
  • John Harrock Taylor[11] x-1999


Saints has an active alumni chapter in Malawi, Australia, and South Africa. A publication by former students of the federation era (federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland), The Federal Saints Journal, is distributed to Saints alumni in over 40 countries world wide.

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