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The Saint Gabriel Possenti Society is an organization promoting the public recognition of St. Gabriel Possenti, including lobbying for his designation by the Vatican as the Patron Saint of hand gun owners.

The Society was founded in 1989 by John Snyder, a Catholic layman and gun lobbyist, to broaden public support for self-defense through gun ownership and to promote the "historical, philosophical and theological bases for the doctrine of legitimate self-defense."

St. Gabriel Possenti was a Catholic seminarian whose marksmanship and proficiency with handguns allegedly saved the village of Isola del Gran Sasso near Teramo from a band of 20 marauding bandits in 1860. This is in reference to an apocryphal story mentioned in one biography of the saint, but is not mentioned in other independently researched biographies of the saint, in particular early sources of the saint’s life make no mention of it making such an incident seem unlikely as, among other things, St. Gabriel Possenti was in the later stages of tuberculosis.[1]



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