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The Order of Saint George Medallion is the top award given to members of the Army's mounted force by the United States Armor Association of the United States Army. The award is issued (in increasing levels of prestige) as a black, bronze, silver, or gold medallion, depending on the recipient's eligibility. Only 68 gold medallions have been awarded thru 2012, and a total of just over 10,000 total medallions of all types.


The United States Armor Association began its awards program in 1986.[1] Its named in honor of Saint George, who is the patron of mounted warriors and is often depicted on horseback. The Saint George Award program provides the mounted force with a way to recognize outstanding performers, their spouses (Order of St. Joan D'Arc Medallion) and Armor Force supporters (Noble Patron of Armor Award).


Recipients of the Saint George Award must be members of the United States Armor Association and they must be nominated by another qualified member.[1]

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