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Saint Gobain may refer to:

  • Saint-Gobain SA - a French multinational corporation, founded in 1665 in Saint-Gobain, Aisne.
  • Saint Gobain (Goban) (memorial on June 20) - 7th-century saint from Ireland, martyr.
    • Saint-Gobain, Aisne - a commune in the Aisne department in northern France, named after Saint Gobain
  • Gobban of Old Leighlin - 6th-century saint from Ireland, brother of St Laserian and preceding abbey of Old Leighlin monastery. Different sources identify him with:
    • St Goban (Gobhnena, memorial on May 23) - 6th-century saint from Ireland, "Gobhnena of Tascaffin".
    • St Gobban (memorial on December 6) - 6th-century saint from Ireland, "Gobban of Kill-Lamraidhe (Killamery)".
  • Gobban Saer (Gobban the Builder) - legendary Irish architect from 7th century, popularly canonized as St. Gobban.