Saint John Figtree Parish

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Saint John Figtree
Country Saint Kitts and Nevis
Capital Figtree
Area 22 km2 (8 sq mi)
Population 2,922 (2001 est.)
Density 132.82 / km2 (344 / sq mi)

Saint John Figtree is one of 5 administrative parishes which make up the island of Nevis, and which in turn are part of the 14 parishes within the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles, West Indies. The parish capital is Church Ground. The parish church was the place where the registration of the marriage between young Nevisian plantation family widow Frances Nisbet and Horatio Nelson was carried out in 1787, when Nelson was a young sea captain.

The village of Bath is at the northwestern end of this parish, just south of Charlestown. Nearby is the Bath Hotel, which is now government offices, but which was originally (in 1778) the first tourist hotel and spa in the West Indies. Also nearby is Government House. This parish is unique in St Kitts and St Nevis as it is the only parish that does not admit women to its parish council.

Other villages within this parish are: Brown Hill, Prospect, Pembroke, Fig Tree, Brown Pasture, Cole Hill, Beach Road, and Pond Hill. The Nevis Botanical Garden is fairly centrally located in the parish, as is the hotel, Montpelier Plantation Inn.

At the southernmost part of the parish is the Nevis deep-water port. Most of the coastline of this parish consists of small cliffs and coves with small beaches, many of which are not easily accessible from the land.


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Coordinates: 17°07′34″N 62°35′51″W / 17.12611°N 62.59750°W / 17.12611; -62.59750