Saint Joseph's Institution Junior

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Saint Joseph's Institution Junior
3 Essex Road, Singapore 309331

Contact = 62552700 (Tel) 62557455 ( Fax)

Type Government Aided
Motto Ora Et Labora (Pray and Work) [2007 - present]
Sicut Michael Semper (Be like [Saint] Michael) [1954 - 2006]
Established 1954 as St Michael's School, 2007 as St Joseph's Institution Junior
Session Single-session
Principal Mr. Timothy Goh
Enrolment Approx. 1500
Colour(s) Green, white (1954-present)

Saint Joseph's Institution Junior (abbreviation: SJI Junior; Chinese: 圣若瑟书院附小) is a Catholic primary school for male students in Singapore. Prior to 2007, the school was known as St Michael's School.


The school was founded in 1954, when it opened with 590 pupils. The school was named after Brother Ascislus Michael, the then-Director of Saint Joseph's Institution. The first principal was Brother Thomas.

In 1965, Saint Joseph's Junior School merged with Saint Michael's School with Saint Victoria School.

Today the school has around 2,000 students. On 1 January 2007 the school was renamed Saint Joseph's Institution Junior, in line with the setting up of the 10-year Josephian Programme. The renaming proposition was met with disapproval by some former students. Online petitions were put up by former Michaelians in an effort to retain the name but did not succeed.

The school building has completed Phase 2 renovation, and has shifted back to 3 Essex Road from the holding school at Geylang Bahru.


The crest[edit]

Following the name change from St. Michael’s School to St. Joseph’s Institution Junior in January 2007, the school adopted the school crest of St. Joseph’s Institution (SJI) and rally (school song).

The present crest of St. Joseph’s Institution was introduced in 1950 to replace an older one. It was designed by Mr Richard Walker, the Art Supervisor of the Education Department. The reason for the change was that the symbols on the old crest were too difficult to identify.

The green field of the crest is divided into four quadrants by a white cross, the symbol of the Christian faith. In the centre of the cross lies the logo of the Brothers, a five-pointed star, the signum fidei, It has as its origin the Star of Bethlehem which led the Magi (wise men of the East) to birth of Christ. In fact, Signum Fidei (the Sign of Faith) is the motto of the Christian Brothers of St. John Baptist De La Salle. In the top quadrant are three interlocking circles, symbolising games and the sporting spirit of all Josephians. In the top right quadrant is the lamp of knowledge on a book, which is a symbol of learning. The Lion at the bottom left quadrant represents the courage and determination with which Josephians face the many challenges of life. It also indicates that the school, the flagship of the Lasallian enterprise in Asia, was established in Singapura, the Lion City, in 1852. At the bottom right quadrant of the crest is the monogram of the school – S.J.I.

The crown surmounting the crest symbolises victory – the victory of faith over the forces of evil. It also shows that St. Joseph’s Institution was founded in the days when Singapore was still a British Colony. The Latin motto of the school Ora et Labora (Pray and Work), is inscribed on the scroll at the bottom of the crest.


Principal: Mr. Goh Heng Liang, Timothy

Vice Principal: Mrs Linda Tan/Mr Winston Lim

Address: 3 Essex Road, Singapore 309331 Temporary location between 2012-2013: No. 3 Geylang Bahru Lane, Singapore 339626

Subjects: English Language, Chinese, Basic Chinese, Malay, Basic Malay, Tamil, Basic Tamil, Art and Craft, Civics and Moral Education, Higher Chinese, Higher Malay, Higher Tamil, Health Education, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Video Editing*, Innovation*

*For selected levels.

Affiliated schools:

Principals and Vice-Principals[edit]


Principal Took Office Left office
Brother Thomas Dunn 1954 1958
Brother Basil Voon 1958 1964
Ho Fook Seng 1966 1979
Brother Dennis Watt 1979 1982
Lim Buck Thow 1982 1988
Dominic Yip Moon Hong 1988 1994
Florence Lim 1994 1999
Rebecca Wee Siew Sun 1999 2005
Sara de Souza 2005 2012
Timothy Goh Heng Liang 2013 present

Vice Principals

Vice Principal Took office Left office
Roland Chin 1991 1993
Ahmad Burok 1996 1996
Robin Ong 1998 2001
Kiran Kumar Gosian 2000 2004
See Lai Kwan 2004 2005
Sara de Souza 2004 2004
David Ching 2005 2011
Mrs Adeline Ong 2012 2012
Mrs Linda Tan 2013 present
Mr Winston Lim 2014 present

Notable alumni[edit]


Civil service[edit]


  • Dick Lee, musician, Cultural Medallion winner


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