Saint Leonard – Van Buren Bridge

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The Saint Leonard – Van Buren Bridge is an international bridge, which connects the communities of St. Leonard, New Brunswick in Canada and Van Buren, Maine in the United States, across the Saint John River.

The bridge was first constructed in 1911, replacing a cable ferry, and opened in 1912. The current structure replaced the original bridge in 1972.

The original bridge was designed and construction overseen by Elmer E. Greenwood, who was the principal bridge designer for the state of Maine from the period 1904-1916.

Transport Canada estimated the bridge's traffic at 272,425 vehicles annually in 2006.

Access to the public sidewalk to the right the roadway on the bridge is said to have been closed for safety reasons following the flood of 2008.


Coordinates: 47°09′34.92″N 67°55′51.24″W / 47.1597000°N 67.9309000°W / 47.1597000; -67.9309000