Saint Patrick's Church (Dubuque, Iowa)

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Saint Patrick's Church is a Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of Dubuque, and it is located in Dubuque, Iowa at 14th and Iowa Streets. It is unique in that it is located only two blocks away from Saint Mary's Church in Dubuque. The reason for this is that St. Mary's was originally built for the German families of Dubuque, and St. Patrick's was meant for Irish families.

The church was originally founded in 1852 as a mission of Saint Raphael's Cathedral, and was mainly intended for the Irish settlers of Dubuque. The parish was built on land that Bishop Loras had purchased when it was offered for sale by the Federal government. Originally, a wood frame building was used as a church building, this church building was located at what is now the front of the existing church and the rectory. Eventually, a new larger church was built at the northern end of the property. This church was enlarged in the 1920s.

St. Patrick's was originally built for the Irish of Dubuque. While the parish still maintains a healthy respect for the Irish heritage over its many years of service, now Saint Patrick's specializes in service the Hispanic residents of Dubuque. The parish offers a 1pm Mass on Sundays that is said in Spanish. The offices of Hispanic ministry is also located at the parish. The parish now shares staff and facilities with nearby Saint Mary's Church. Due to the priest shortage, the parish does not currently have a resident pastor. Rather, the administration of the parish is handled by a Deacon.