Saint Rusticus (Archbishop of Lyon)

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Saint Rusticus (c. 455 – 25 April 501) was the Archbishop of Lyon, since the year 494, the successor of Saint Lupicinus of Lyon (491-494). Later canonized, his feast day is 25 April. He was the son of Aquilinus (c. 430-c. 470), nobleman at Lyon; and a schoolfellow and friend of Sidonius Apollinaris(c. 400), who was a vicarius of a province in Gaul under the father of Sidonius between 423 and 448, and his wife Tullia (born 410), and the great-grandson of Decimus Rusticus and his wife Artemia, and also of Saint Eucherius and his wife Gallia. He was also the brother of St. Viventiolus.

Married before 480 to a daughter (born c. 460) of Ruricius, Bishop of Limoges (then Augustoritum) and his wife Ommance, they were the parents of three children:

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