Saint Sinner (comics)

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Saint Sinner
Saint Sinner #1 (Octr. 1993). Cover art by Max Douglas
Publication information
Publisher Razorline (Marvel Comics)
Schedule Monthly
Format Ongoing series
Publication date October 1993 - April 1994
Number of issues 7
Main character(s) Philip Fetter
Creative team
Writer(s) Elaine Lee
Artist(s) Max Douglas
Penciller(s) Richard Pace
Larry Brown
Inker(s) Max Douglas
Rick Bryant
Gabriel Morrissette
Letterer(s) Janice Chiang
Colorist(s) Christie Scheele
Maria Parwulski
Creator(s) Clive Barker
Editor(s) Marcus McLaurin

Saint Sinner is a horror/fantasy comic book published by Marvel Comics as a part of the Razorline imprint. All of the Razorline titles were creations of horror/fantasy writer and filmmaker Clive Barker and he described the series as "Saint Sinner is just a wild one, the series which hopefully will press the limits of what comics can do."[1]

Aside from the title, it is unrelated to the Barker-produced telefilm Saint Sinner.

Publication history[edit]

Saint Sinner was published for seven issues (Oct. 1993 - April 1994) before being discontinued with the rest of the Razorline titles. The writing for all seven issues was done by Elaine Lee, with the art split between Max Douglas (first three issues), Richard Pace (fourth-issue breakdowns, finished by Douglas; fifth-issue pencils, inked by Douglas) and Larry Brown (final two issues).

The final release of the Razorline imprint was Ectokid Unleashed, a 48-page one-shot that also contained a Saint Sinner prose short story by Elaine Lee.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Saint Sinner is centered on Philip Fetter, a man possessed by both a demon and an angel. With the ability to evolve or regress anyone from superhuman to primal beast, Fetter travels the world changing lives.


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