Saint Theocharis

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Saint Theocharis of Nevşehir (Neapolis)
Eastern Orthodox icon of Saint Theocharis
New Martyr
Died August 20, 1740

Nevşehir, Nevşehir Province, Turkey
Honored in
Eastern Orthodoxy
Feast August 20
Attributes Usually depicted holding a cross in his right hand.

Saint Theocharis of Nevşehir is a saint of the Greek Orthodox Church. He is considered a new martyr as he gave his life rather than convert to Islam.


Saint Theocharis was orphaned at a young age. With the Ottoman State at war, young Theocharis was taken to a concentration camp for Christian boys. There, he was spotted by the governor of Nevşehir who took a liking to the boy. The governor took Theocharis out of the camp and took him back to work on his estate.

The governor and his wife liked Theocharis so much that they decided to offer their daughter to him, upon the condition that he convert to Islam. Theocharis refused. This caused the Governor great offence and so he threatened Theocharis with hunger, torture and death.