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Saint William may refer to:


  • Saint William of Æbelholt (also known as William of Paris or William of the Paraclete) - French ecclesiastic active in * Saint William of Maleval or Saint William the Great - hermit (d. 1157)
  • Saint William of Donjeon (also known as William of Bourges, William the Confessor or William Berroyer) - Archbishop of Bourges (c.1155 – 1209)
  • Saint William of Norwich (c.1132 – 1144)
  • Saint William of Perth (also known as William of Rochester) (d. c. 1201)
  • Saint William of Vercelli (also known as William of Montevergine) - Italian hermit (1085–1142)
  • Saint William of York (also known as William FitzHerbert or William of Thwayt) - Archbishop of York (c. 1110 – 1154)


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