Saiyid Khurd

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Saiyid Khurd
Died 1563
Lakhimpur Kheri, India
Religion Islam

Saiyid Khurd lived in Kheri, Uttar Pradesh, India in the 15th century, his tomb is present in the town. It is being said that Kheri derived its name from Saiyid Khurd.[1]


The Imperial Gazetteer of India[edit]

According to the 1908 British publication "The Imperial Gazetteer of India" (volume: XV):

[S. H. Butler, Settlement Report (1901) ; H. R. Nevill, District Gazetteer (1905).]

Kherl Town (Khiri). — Town in the Lakhlmpur tahsil of Kherl District, United Provinces, situated in 27° 54' N. and 8o c 48' E., on the Lucknow-Bareilly State Railway. Population (1901), 6,223. Kheri is a place of some antiquity, and contains a tine tomb built over the remains of Saiyid Khurd, who died in 1563. It is administered under Act XX of 1856, with an income of about Rs. 800. Though giving its name to the District, it is of small importance. A daily market is held, and the town contains a branch of the American Methodist Mission and a school with 144 pupils.[1][2]


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