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Sač is a large metal or ceramic lid like a shallow bell with which dough for bread or meat to be baked are covered, and over which ashes and live coals are put. Restaurants all over Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Greece and Turkey have taken over this traditional way of cooking under sač, after which meat, fish and vegetables remains saucy, and potatoes are rich with the taste of meat. The best is roasted Pork, lamb. It is used also for cooking bread and traditional food as burek and Pizza.

In Bulgaria, the word сач or сачѐ (sach/sache) refers to a flat clay plate, which is heated to a high temperature, and placed on the table, where thin slices of vegetables and meat are cooked on it. Fat is not used, and it is not covered. In the region of the Rhodopes typically more meat is used.


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