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Sajos is a Sami cultural and administrative centre, located in Inari, Finland, which operates as a convention and event space. The building was completed in January 2012 and inaugurated in April 2012.[1]

Sajos is the Sami Parliament, the Sami Education Centre, the Sami Archives, State Provincial Office of Lapland, and home to a number of associations.[1]

The building was built by Senate Properties, and cost 15 million euros. Building was designed by architectural firm HALO Architects. The project manager was Janne Gallop. The Project Manager was Juha Guttorm.[1]

The building is dark outside, the inside white pine. Its design was inspired by the Sami, as required by the competition program. Sajos is an Inari Sami word meaning "the base or the position of the place".[1]

The project initiated in 1996 with the establishment of the Sami Parliament.[1]


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