Saket Nagar

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Saket Nagar
Coordinates: 23°12′34″N 77°26′52″E / 23.20944°N 77.44778°E / 23.20944; 77.44778Coordinates: 23°12′34″N 77°26′52″E / 23.20944°N 77.44778°E / 23.20944; 77.44778
Country India
Region Central India
Lieutenancy Madhya Pradesh
 • Total 205,000
Postcode area Habibganj
Dialling code 0755

Saket Nagar (Hindi: साकेत नगर) is a town in Bhopal, India, on the southern side of the city of Bhopal.


In Sanskrit, Saket means a place said to be very close to Heaven, thus a place where God resides. Saket was the ancient name of the city of Ayodhya, an important Hindu religious place, said to be the place of residence for Lord Rama. Saket was the name of the famous epic Hindi poetic work of Maithili Sharan Gupt, an account of the Ramayana through the eyes of Urmila, a lesser known character.


Saket nagar is mostly inhabited by retired employees of public sector company BHEL like its adjacent localities Shakti nagar and Alkapuri. Saket Nagar has been in news due to the proposed All India Institute of Medical Sciences unit that's slated to be ready by the year 2012.[1]


Saket Nagar has two major schools nearby namely the Bhopal Public School and Sagar Public School.


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