Sakinah (Fatima al-Kubra) bint Husayn

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Sakinah (alternate Sukaina) bint Al Hussayn
Zarih Sakina (Fatema Kubra,11 yr. old) Bab saghir, Damascus.JPG
Born 669
Birthplace Medina
Died 736 [1]
Place of death Damascus, Syria
Buried Bab Saghir
Father Husayn ibn Ali

Sakinah bint Husayn (Arabic: سكينة بنت الحسين‎; 669-736) was the daughter of the early Islamic leader Husayn ibn Ali. It is believed that there were two daughters of Husayn who were with him at the battle of Karbala known by similar names, This Sakinah who was 11 years old that time was one of them and another was Sukayna (4 years old) who is also known as Rukaiya.

Sakinah was also called Fatima al-Kubra ("The eldest Fatima"). There was another daughter of Husayn, Fatima Al Sughra bint Al-Husayn, who was supposed to be ill and left behind at Medina.

Bāb Saghīr Cemeteries,Damuscus, having shrine of Sakina binte Husain (Fatema Kubra 11 year old)

According to the Shia, Husayn's daughter was supposed to be married with Imam Hasan's son Qasim ibn Hasan at Karbala. Husayn remembered his promise made to his brother Hasan, and to fulfill it, he arranged the marriage of his daughter Sakinah just before the battle. In the battle this son of Imam Hasan got martyred.[2][3] After the Karbala carnage Sakinah bint Husayn married with zaid bin Aban the grand son of third Rasgidun Caliph Uthman Ibn Affan.[4][5][6] She died in the year 736.


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