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This page contains the adult video filmography of the Japanese AV idol Sakura Sakurada. See the main article for V-Cinema and pink film appearances by this actress.

Adult videos (AV)[edit]

English titles are usually taken from the box cover or from the name used when the video was sold in English-speaking markets - it may not always be consistent with the Japanese title. "Label" includes the manufacturer, label and production code number. The "Notes" section may include a short description for specialized genres, a list of costars if any, and whether the video is an anthology (Anth.) or compilation (Comp.). Anthology refers to a multi-actress video where separate solo scenes have been combined. Compilation means a video composed of previously released material - only some compilation videos have been listed, many more exist.[1]


Release date Video title Duration Label Director Notes
Big Tits Beautiful Masochist
初絶頂感涙オルガズム 巨乳美女マゾ娘
90 min ART 2162 (VHS)
ADV-0172 (DVD)
Kazuya Mine BDSM
2003-07-04 Accident on the Road
120 min Glory Quest Galpiss GP-01 (VHS)
GPD-01 (DVD)
With Ahiro Ikeno & Mika Senoo
2003-07-08 Fetish Leg Shock
90 min AVS APR-50 (VHS)
DAP-40 (DVD)
2003-07-21 Tokyo Diva Express 3 120 min A6 Inc TDE03 Uncensored
2003-08-01 Tokyo Diva Double Feature 12 Sakura & Mai 120 min A6 Inc TD-16 Uncensored
(Anth.) With Mai Kashiljagi
2003-08-08 Next Enema 7
続 浣腸 7
120 min Giga GEK-07 (VHS)
SEK-07 (DVD)
(Anth.) With Yuka Ono
2003-08-12 Beautiful Big Breast Teacher
105 min Gorilla DGL-003 (Taiwan) Uncensored
2003-08-13 The Slave Private Secretary Who Had the Line of the Beautiful Foot
美脚奴隷秘書 屈辱の社長命令 !!
120 min Big Morkal D-754 (VHS) Kichitaro Ueki (Anth.) With 4 others
2003-08-20 Beauty Meat Provocative Woman Pheromone
美・肉・女 挑発フェロモン
105 min AVS APR-54 (VHS)
DAP-44 (DVD)
2003-08-22 Heroine Excretion Torture 11
80 min Giga Zero GHI-11 (VHS)
THI-11 (DVD)
2003-08-22 Lesbian Heroine 4
レズヒロイン 4
110 min Giga Tera GLZ-04 (VHS)
TLZ-04 (DVD)
SCHWARZEN III Lesbian / Cosplay
With Moe Morikawa
2003-08-28 Office Lady Breeding Urge 7
発情OL オフィスで…7
80 min Hermes HS-32 (VHS) Masaaki Hibino (Anth.) With 4 others
2003-09-01 M Men and Mannequin
90 min Wanz Factory SK-21 (VHS)
SK-121 (DVD)
2003-09-10 Angels Boobs
120 min Hayabusa Agency DVH-147 With Harumi Souraku & Momoka
Confined Love Slave
78 min ART 2182 (VHS)
ADV-0208 (DVD)
Kazuya Mine BDSM
Big-Breasted Multi-Unit Apartment Wife 2
巨乳団地妻 2
120 min Hot Entertainment FS-08 (VHS)
HET-236 (DVD)
Hiroshi Horiuchi With Megumi Asou, Ayako Takada, Rei Moriguchi & Kozue Ikeda
Amateur Nude Models
120 min Hot Entertainment KJ-09 (VHS)
HET-228 (DVD)
Shungo Kaji (Anth.) With Yuka Ono, Kaho Izumi & 7 others
2003-10-08 The Big Bust Teacher of Vagina Sperma Ejection
120 min Hayabusa Agency DVH-153 With Kiyoshi Kikuma, Chihiro Asou, Akemi Sasaoka & Harumi Sagara
2003-10-18 Erotic Woman's Kiss and Blow Job
130 min SOD SDDM-349 Kikurin
2003-10-18 Older Sister 10
80 min Crystal-Eizou Pure PL-14 (VHS) Mr. L (Anth.) With Nanami Nanase, Mako Irie, Yui Kazuki & Riko Hamada
2003-10-19 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 4
ときめき女子校生シンドローム 04
90 min Big Morkal D-767 (VHS) Diamond Cox (Anth.) With 4 others
2003-10-24 Obedience Secretaries with Large Breasts
90 min SkyLab WINA-002 (VHS) Masaki Matsumoto (Anth.) With Tomomi Ayukawa & Yuu Aisaki
2003-10-29 Lover Girl Vol. 3
シリーズ [LOVER GIRL]の作品一覧表示
80 min Little Lover LLD-03 Uncensored
2003-11-01 Forbidden Clubs - Body Odour of Athlete 1
禁じられた部活 アスリートの匂い
80 min Shuttle Japan DKG-01 (Anth.) With Minami Aoyama
2003-11-08 Gold Finger Vol. 37
60 min God Hand GDH-37 (VHS) Hikaru Honjo
2003-11-14 Beauty Legs and Nude Vol. 1
美脚ヌード 1
90 min Shuttle Japan SBN-01 (VHS)
DBN-01 (DVD)
2003-11-15 Dosukebe Style
80 min Crystal-Eizou Pure PL-15 (VHS) Mr. L (Anth.) With Satsuki Motomiya, Miyu Mizuhara, Chinatsu Nakano & 1 other
2003-11-19 Tokyo Diva Sakura Special (An Indecent Nurse) 120 min A6 Inc TDSP Uncensored
2003-11-21 Depression of a Beautiful Woman Temporary Employee
80 min CineMagic NOIR CN-427 (VHS) D J Nakano BDSM
2003-11-28 Cosmo Woman 1
宇宙の戦士コスモウーマン Vol.01
80 min Giga Zero GOR-43 (VHS)
TOR-43 (DVD)
2003-11-28 Golden Legend 10
100 min Giga GOG-10 (VHS)
SOG-10 (DVD)
2003-12-01 Maniac Games with Nipples (Nipples Maniac Game)
90 min Wanz Factory SK-40 (VHS)
SK-140 (DVD)
2003-12-01 Super Beauty Berochu Fetish
120 min Marx MAD-044
2003-12-04 Lesbian Train Molester Vol. 4
レズ痴漢 DISC.4
90 min (VHS)
180 min (DVD)
Natural High NHV-027 (VHS)
NHDT-027 (DVD)
Itaka & Smithring Powder Lesbian
With Mai Tsukisaki & others
2003-12-15 Office Lady
105 min Gorilla Mix DMX-01 (Taiwan) Uncensored
(Anth.) With Nozomi, Moemi
2003-12-15 White Bell Vol. 1
ホワイトベル 1
90 min Pure Magic WBD-01 Uncensored
2003-12-18 Other Women's Prison (Video Magazine on the Super Station)
120 min SOD Senz SDDE-064 Shinya Watakano BDSM
With Midori Saejima & Hoshimi Yoshizawa
2003-12-19 Tokyo Diva Double Feature 16 Sakura & Iku 120 min A6 Inc TD-20 Uncensored
(Anth.) With Iku Nakayama
2003-12-26 Couples in Yokohama & Kawasaki
カップルズ 横浜・川崎編
90 min Hoyosha DSW-001 (VHS)
HRDV-00174 (DVD)
Kenta Kumejima (Anth.) Starring: Mari Tanaka with Reika Motoyama, Airi Nakagawa & Mizuki Yoshizawa
2003-12-31 Pretty Older Sister Violated
綺麗なお姉さんに犯されたい ねぇ、わかる ヌルヌルでしょ…お姉さんも欲しいの
84 min Athena AS-1236 (VHS) Masoto Ishioka (Anth.) With Nana Masaki, Mai Satsuki & Marina Aikawa


Release date Video title Duration Label Director Notes
2004-01-01 Madam Report 6
90 min Marx CCX-006 (Anth.) With Arisa & Nobuko Fujimori
2004-01-01 Pheromone Squeezing
発情恥態] フェロモン搾り。/ここみ・桜田さくら
90 min VMP DYMO-07 (Anth.) With Kokomi
2004-01-08 Lesbian Train Molester Vol. 5
レズ痴漢 DISC.5
90 min (VHS)
180 min (DVD)
Natural High NHV-032 (VHS)
NHDT-032 (DVD)
Itaka & Smithring Powder Lesbian
With Nancy, Shoko Kitahara, Ami Nishimura & others
2004-01-09 Great Spandexer vs Super Justion
80 min Giga Zero GVS-02 (VHS)
TVS-02 (DVD)
Johnny Kokura Cosplay
With Mai Tsukisaki
2004-01-22 Kinbaku 33 (Tight Tying) 110 min Giga GKU-33 (VHS)
SKU-33 (DVD)
2004-01-22 The Lesbian Fight 4
ザ レズファイト4
130 min SOD SDDM-393 Kei Morikawa Lesbian
With Kazeo Sugimori, Ryi Kato & Haruna Harada
Sacrifice (Ikenie)
70 min Big Morkal Emperor EMP-01 (VHS) Kihiro Kitano With Hinano Mizuki
DVD EMPD-01 contains Sacrifice & Sacrifice 2
2004-02-06 The Woman Raped by a Lady's Molester - With Lesbian Play
100 min Waap Entertainment Cobra CB-003 (VHS)
CBD-003 (DVD)
K*WEST Lesbian
With Yoshimi Akinaga
2004-02-10 Erorist No. 3
100 min Excite ERD-003 (Taiwan) Uncensored
2004-02-13 Next Enema 12
続 浣腸 12
70 min Giga GEK-12 (VHS)
SEK-12 (DVD)
Tomoaki Sato Scat
With Makoto Yonekura
2004-03-01 Sexual Emergency Room Individual
120 min Moodyz Value MDV-008 (VHS)
MDVD-008 (DVD)
(Anth.) With Ria Nanami, Syouko Mikami, Kao Sugimori, Erika Kamijyo, Syouko Natsukawa, Hitomi Sawada & Rui Mizutani
2004-03-01 Sexual Emergency Room Collective
240 min Moodyz Joker MDJ-075 (VHS)
MDJD-075 (DVD)
With Ria Nanami, Syouko Mikami, Kao Sugimori, Erika Kamijyo, Syouko Natsukawa, Hitomi Sawada & Rui Mizutani
2004-03-04 The Boin Lady in Tokyo Toilet
90 min Dream Ticket Switch SW-108 (VHS)
SWD-108 (DVD)
Kikurin (Anth.) With Yuuko Asama & Mari Aikawa
2004-03-04 R*Queen xThe4 Final Figure & Special Body
240 min Dream Ticket HFD-002 Cosplay-RQ
(Anth.) With 9 others
2004-03-05 The Condominium of the Big Breast Wife
巨乳マンション ~魔性系マダムのEカップ男殺し
90 min Waap Entertainment Foxy FX-032 (VHS)
FXD-032 (DVD)
2004-03-05 Try 1 120 min Tsubaki House TTR-01 Uncensored
Also released as Opus 02
2004-03-08 Tokyo Love Story Vol. 1
東京ラブストーリー 1
110 min JapanX JPN4801 Uncensored
2004-03-31 Fetish Vol. 1 90 min Excite FTD-001 (Taiwan) Uncensored - Lesbian
With Kumi Hirose
2004-04-01 Dosukoi
240 min Moodyz Great MDG-015 (VHS)
MDGD-015 (DVD)
Yakumo Matsubara With Yuria Yoshinaga, Kirari Koizumi, Mai Haruna, Syouko Mikami, Mai Tamura, Naho Asakura & Yuu Kanzaki
2004-04-03 Japanese Super Idols Vol. 23 110 min JapanX JPN1823 Uncensored
2004-04-03 The Cherry Boy Hunting (Virginity Student Hunting)
童貞狩り [教えたがるオンナ]
90 min Dream Ticket Switch SW-113 (VHS)
SWD-113 (DVD)
Goldman (Anth.) With Sayuki Matsuoka & Yuu Ichinose
2004-04-03 My Sweet Boin Stewardess 2
THE 巨乳スチュワーデス2
90 min Dream Ticket Switch SW-115 (VHS)
SWD-115 (DVD)
Kunio Katayama (Anth.) With Momoka Natsuki & Saki Ninomiya
2004-04-06 JapanX Muranishi Vol. 1 120 min JapanX JPN4201 Uncensored
(Anth.) With Mahiro Katase
2004-04-07 Heroine Cutie Battle Vol. 05
ヒロインキューティーバトル 05
120 min Giga Zero GCB-05 (VHS)
TCB-05 (DVD)
Johnny Kokura Wrestling - Non-Sex
With 1 other
Sacrifice 2 (Ikenie 2)
生産終了 2
70 min Big Morkal Emperor EMP-02 (VHS) Kihiro Kitano Single scene cameo
DVD EMPD-01 contains Sacrifice & Sacrifice 2
Starring Nana Mizuki
2004-04-15 Cabaret Club Cinderella (Ms Cabaret)
キャバクラシンデレラ 桜田さくら
120 min Marx MAD-081 (Anth.) With Haruka Aoyama, Ria Nanami & Kaho Yada
2004-04-15 Mark II Vol. 1 90 min Yebisu MK-01 (Taiwan) Uncensored
(Anth.) With Tsukasa Iwai
2004-04-17 Urination Class
105 min V&R Planning VSPDS-001 Kaoru Adachi FemDom
With Sana Nakajima
See Woman Teacher in Black Sakura (2005-01-18)
2004-04-21 Beauty Queen Vol. 1 90 min Yebisu QE-01 (Taiwan) Uncensored
2004-04-27 Behind the Scenes Live Video Recording Sakura Sakurada
裏撮り生映像 桜田さくら
90 min DUD-001 Censored version of Erotic Venus Vol 9 (2005-04-20)
2004-05-01 Longing Flights of Love (The Sex Situation of Longing Stewardess)
120 min Marx MAD-088 (Anth.) With Nayo Akimoto, Miyuki Mochizuki & Mao Shinohara
2004-05-01 Making of Dosukoi
メイキング・オブ どすこい
100 min Moodyz Joker MDJ-079 (VHS)
MDJD-079 (DVD)
Hiroshi Nishikawa With Yuria Yoshinaga, Kirari Koizumi, Mai Haruna, Syouko Mikami, Mai Tamura, Naho Asakura & Yuu Kanzaki
2004-05-01 Sakura Sakura
105 min Tsubaki House TSK-01 Uncensored - Cosplay
2004-05-04 The Bullied Nurse
90 min Big Morkal D-797 (VHS) With Mai Tsukisaki, Minami Hoshikawa & Ririko Asahina
2004-05-08 Woman Execution People - Insult Human-Being Hunting
凌辱仕置人スペシャル 女処刑人 凌辱人間狩り
240 min Attackers Shark SSP-009 (VHS)
SSPD-009 (DVD)
Katsuyuki Hasegawa BDSM
With Jun Nada, Mio Okazaki, Haruka Serizawa & Miku Hasegawa
2004-05-14 Contemporary Worn Out Lonely Married Women
平成枯れすすき 淋しい人妻(おんな)たち
90 min Hayabusa Agency HK-007 With Kao Sugimori
2004-05-15 Female-Littered Lesbian Neruton
120 min Moodyz Joker MDJ-083 (VHS)
MDJD-083 (DVD)
With Kyoko Kazami, Ruru Sakurai, Naoko Imokawa, Risa Miyazaki & Lemon Hanazawa
2004-05-20 Lesbian Scat Gang 2
糞いじめ スカトロ強制レズ便器 2
130 min SOD Maniac MASD-003 Moritaka Scat / Lesbian
With Nana Mizuki & Yuria Ishida
2004-05-20 Spew Inside!
120 min (VHS)
180 min (DVD)
V&R Planning VSPR-004 (VHS)
Temple Suwa Nakadashi
See Sakura's Squirt Tunnel Adventure! (2006-11-14)
2004-05-25 Lesbian Lovers
女遊戯 獄辱の記憶
90 min Art Models ATM-070 Lesbian
With Yume Imano
2004-05-26 The Meanterview File 06
いじめんせつ 06
119 min Big Morkal D-810 (VHS) Kihiro Kitano (Anth.) With Minami Hoshikawa, Miku Hasegawa, Minami Aoyama, Mio Ohnishi, Moe Kitahara, Ririko Asahina, Takato Nagashima & Mari Takeuchi
See The Interview (2005-05-29)
2004-05-28 Human Remodeled Vol. 3
改造人間 第3巻
70 min Giga Gallop PMID-012 Cosplay / BDSM
2004-06-08 Snake Bondage Punished Female Slaves 2 (Tie Up and Torture Cage 2)
蛇縛の拷問折檻2 静寂の嵐 1
70 min Attackers Shark SSP-010 (VHS)
SSPD-010 (DVD)
Randa Mai BDSM
With Shinobu Kasagi & Mai Tsukisaki
2004-06-09 Pristine Girl Vol. 2 105 min Hot Storm HD002 Uncensored
2004-06-11 Sakura Sakurada - The Essence
120 min Idol History DSZ-18 (Comp.) - censored versions of scenes from earlier uncensored videos
2004-06-15 NAMA Trip Vol. 5
生・トリップ No.5
90 min Excite NTD-005 Uncensored - Cosplay
2004-06-16 Semen Club 6
ザーメンクラブ 6
83 min Waap Entertainment SCD-010 Masashi Rokutanzon Gokkun
2004-06-25 See-Through Chakuero Raincoat - Sakura Sakurada
透け透け着エロかっぱ 桜田さくら
120 min Art Models ATM-075
2004-06-28 Japanese Kimono Girl Vol. 4 80 min Sky High EX-04 (Taiwan) Uncensored
2004-06-29 Dejavy Vol. 5 100 min Yebisu DJ-05 (Taiwan) Uncensored
(Anth.) With 4 others
2004-07-08 Inma Cinemashow 2 (Sexual Chaos in Prison)
170 min Attackers ATI-021 (VHS)
ATID-021 (DVD)
Eitaro Haga With Ayano Murasaki, Minami Aoyama & Ruri Shiratori
2004-07-09 Fallen Angel (Youin Datensi)
妖淫堕天使 桜田さくら
60 min Rabbit Freeter YDD-1
2004-07-10 Lascivious Ladies
発情ダブルま〇こ 痴女の作り方
117 min Dogma DNH-024 (VHS)
DDN-074 (DVD)
Hitoshi Nimura With China Sasaya
2004-07-15 Failure As a Mother
近親白書 母親失格
120 min Madonna JUK-064 (VHS)
JUKD-064 (DVD)
Eitaro Haga Starring Runa Akasaka
2004-07-21 Mesu Anthology 8 - The Woman Who Tells a Lie
雌女 anthology#008 桜田さくら
100 min Audaz PS-121 (VHS)
PSD-121 (DVD)
2004-07-23 Heroine Tobatsu Vol. 12 (Heroine Punitive Vol. 12)
90 min Giga GBB-12 (VHS)
TBB-12 (DVD)
2004-07-23 New Omorashi Patience Championship - The First Story
新おもらし我慢大会 前編
100 min Giga GRA-01 (VHS)
SRA-01 (DVD)
Schwalzhenn Watersports
(Anth.) With 4 others
Famous AV Actress Sex Shoot
120 min H. S. RH-01 (VHS)
RHD-001 (DVD)
(Anth.) With Haruka Aoyama & 4 others (3 pairs)
2004-08-01 Story of Incest 23rd Chapter (Kinshinsoukan Monogatari)
近親相姦物語 23 地獄の業火に灼かれた血族
90 min Kirindou KNS-023 (VHS) Incest
With Satsuki Mochida
2004-08-04 There Is a Molester Woman Next to You
油断大敵 アナタの隣に痴女がいる
120 min Next11 VNDS-492 (Anth.) With 3 others
2004-08-12 Wives Exposed
90 min (VHS)
120 min (DVD)
Next11 RUBY-934 (VHS)
VNDS-494 (DVD)
Osamu Saito (Anth.) With Sumomo Haruno & Mao Kinoshita
2004-08-15 Green Fantasy Special 21 127 min Green Fantasy GFS21 Uncensored
With Kumi Hirose
2004-08-17 Yukata Promiscuous Beauty Vol. 1
美乳淫乱 ゆかた美人
60 min Yukata Buin YKT-01 (Comp.) - scenes from Fetish Vol 1 (2004-03-31) with Kumi Hirose & Celebration Vol. 1 (2004-09-13)
2004-08-19 Hot Horny Shemales Fucking Crazy
120 min Natural High NHDT-091 Shino P Transsexual
Starring Rina Yaguchi & Miki Aikawa
2004-08-19 Woman Full Course 1
W痴女フルコース 桜田さくら&Aoi
120 min Obtain Future ASD-001 Michel Kungfu With Aoi
2004-08-20 OL - Without Panties on the Bus
90 min Kasakura NOV-5175 (Anth.) With Megumi Natsume & Tihiro Asou
2004-08-20 II Woman Violated! 2
120 min KMP UMAV-017 (VHS)
Hideto Aki (Anth.) With Syouko Mikami & 6 others
Story of a Married Woman - Sakura 26 Years Old
人妻物語 No13
75 min H. S. WA-13 (VHS)
WAD-013 (DVD)
2004-09-10 New Omorashi Patience Championship - The Last Story
新おもらし我慢大会 後編
100 min Giga GRA-02 (VHS)
SRA-02 (DVD)
Schwalzhenn Watersports
(Anth.) With 4 others
2004-09-13 Celebration Vol. 1 (Kiraku Vol. 1)
喜楽 Vol. 1
120 min Miyabi MYD-01 (Taiwan) Uncensored
(Anth.) With Tamayo Nakagawa
See Yukata Promiscuous Beauty Vol. 1 (2004-08-17) & Green Fantasy Special Vol. 21 (2004-08-15)
2004-09-15 Young Wife Slut
60 min Tokyo Hot n0033 Uncensored
Online. Also released as Sakura Sakurada Nude (PA-02) & Lewd Married Woman (JU-002) with Yuri Osawa (Anth.)
2004-09-17 Melancholy of Beauty Temporary Worker Special
美人派遣社員の憂鬱 SP
80 min CineMagic NOIR CN-453 (VHS) D J Nakano BDSM
(Anth.) With Rika Ishikawa, Mia Nakazawa & Hikaru Shiina
(Comp.) - Sakurada's scene is from Depression of a Beautiful Woman Temporary Employee (2003-11-21)
2004-09-17 The Reverse Side Justice of Academic Lesson Outside Class of Shame
制服ジャック 裏合法学園 恥辱の課外授業
120 min Digital Dream Smack Up SMU-041 Goshu Hiroshi With 2 others
Also released as VIP GOD-256 (VHS) / GODR-02 (DVD-Rental)
2004-09-23 Female Detective Nakadashi 20 Times
女デカ強制痴女 中出し20連発
120 min IEnergy IESP-078 Ya-Q Ken Rape / Nakadashi
2004-09-23 Stark Naked Nudist Marina
120 min IEnergy IE-150 Nudity only
With 7 others
2004-09-24 I Want to be Done by Big Breasted Older Sister!
120 min KMP UMAV-020 (VHS)
Kitorune Kawaguchi (Anth.) With Chinatsu Nakano, Misaki Kawamura, Sara Ogawa, Erena Fujimori, Marina Asano & Aya Takizawa
2004-09-30 Missing My Heart No. 2 100 min INGA INGA-02 Censored version of Tokyo Love Story Vol. 1 (2004-03-06)
2004-09-30 Mrs Temptation 62
73 min U&K WF-62 (VHS)
WF-62D (DVD)
2004-10-01 Sakura Sakurada Nude
裸婦 弐番
60 min Tokyo Hot Monster Link PA-02 Uncensored
Same as Young Wife Slut (2004-09-15)
2004-10-01 Mother-Daughter Rice Bowl
母子どんぶり号泣乱交 桜田さくら・さつき
120 min Marx MAD-110 / SMA-035 Akira Shibahara Incest
With Satsuki Sakurada
2004-10-21 Sexual Intercourse by a Love Potion of Erotic Lesbian 2
これが噂の薬漬けレズバージョン 2
150 min Natural High IAT-032 Itaka & Smithring Powder Lesbian / BDSM
With Ami Nishimura, Ichiko, Chinatsu, Wakana & Yuu Itinose
2004-10-22 Document Private Sex Vol. 2 - Sakura Sakurada
桜田さくらプライベートハメ撮りセックス 2
94 min U&K PS-02D
2004-10-22 Kintsuma 4 - Sexual Excitement in the Early Afternoon (Prohibited Wife 4)
禁妻 4 昼下がりの発情
120 min Media Arts ARZ-009 (Anth.) With Emiko Yoshino & Rumi Ikegami
2004-10-25 Japanese Super Idols Vol. 33 110 min JapanX JPN1833 Uncensored
See Behind the Scenes Live Video Recording Sakura Sakurada - Behind the Scenes (2004-12-28) & Big Boobs (2006-04-17)
2004-10-25 The Intense Rape School of Reverse Side Molester
逆レイプ学園 裏痴女オトコ狩り
100 min APA APDS-61 Osyou Hiroshi (Anth.) With Miko Himura & Momo Aizawa
2004-10-29 Lesbian Awakening
120 min URA Paradise UPD-011 / PTV-011 Lesbian
With Naho & Kanako
2004-11-01 Incest Chapter (Close Family 3)
120 min Channel VUI KSK-03 (VHS) (Anth.) With Satsuki Sakurada
2004-11-04 Burusera Bukkake Semen
120 min IEnergy IE-155 (Anthol.) Monburan, Yui Kayama, Mayura Hoshitsuki & Mai Haruna
2004-11-10 Gold-X Vol. 3 120 min Gold-X DGX-3 (Taiwan) Uncensored
Starring Ran Asakawa with Anri Mizuna
2004-11-15 On the Street - Daring Sex on a Roller Platform (Movable Sex Truck)
台車移動式SEX ~現代版籠屋内結合
70 min Hot Entertainment KAI-31 (VHS)
HET-359 (DVD)
Masaaki Kai (Anth.) With Akira Shiratori & Yuki Mochida
2004-11-19 Pretty Madams Extramarital Affair Wish (Desire of Infidelity)
120 min Media Arts BTV-031 (VHS)
ARZ-012 (DVD)
(Anth.) With Maki Tomoda
Re-released as Media Arts GOOD-005 on 2007-05-18
2004-11-19 Lesbian 16
113 min U&K Queer QU-16D Lesbian
With Masami Hosokawa
2004-11-23 The Woman Teacher Violence Report 7
女教師暴行白書 7
120 min VIP GOD-269 (VHS)
GODR-011 (DVD)
(Anth.) With 3 others
2004-12-03 M-1 GP Special Party
200 min Waap Entertainment Cobra WSD-012 K*WEST With Riko Tachibana, Rei Asami, Aoi, Ryoko Sena, Mikan Tokonatsu, Syouko Mikami & Koyuki Morisaki
2004-12-08 DX Semen Miracle
120 min Marx SMA-047 With Shizuku Tsukino & Momo Mizutani
2004-12-08 DX Snake Torture
240 min Attackers Best ATK-064 (VHS)
ATKD-064 (DVD)
(Anth.) With 5 others
(Comp.) - Sakurada's scenes from Snake Bondage Punished Female Slaves 2 (2004-06-08)
2004-12-17 Mrs Eros
90 min Try-Heart PSV-006 Yosuke Mizushiro
2004-12-22 Real Fuck
リアル・ファック 桜田さくら
70 min Miss EroBody DRF-002
2004-12-28 Behind the Scenes Live Video Recording Sakura Sakurada - Behind the Scenes
裏撮り生映像 桜田さくら・裏
90 min DUD-009 Cosplay
Censored version of some scenes from Japanese Super Idols Vol 33 (2004-10-25)
2004-12-30 FantaDream Tokyo Virtual 13 125 min FantaDream FDD-1713 Uncensored


Release date Video title Duration Label Director Notes
2005-01-06 The Challenge to the Limit of …
120 min IEnergy IESP-091 Ken Takeshi
2005-01-08 Female Humiliation Encyclopedia
230 min Attackers Best ATK-066 (VHS)
ATKD-066 (DVD)
(Anth.) With Haruka Serizawa, Kirari Koizumi, Mao Misaki & Miyuki Hourai
(Comp.) from earlier Attackers videos
2005-01-08 M-1 GP Solo Live Show
150 min Waap Entertainment Cobra CBD-020 K*WEST With Riko Tachibana, Rei Asami, Aoi, Ryoko Sena, Mikan Tokonatsu, Syouko Mikami & Koyuki Morisaki
2005-01-17 Welcome Back Sakura 155 min A6 Inc WBS-01 Uncensored
2005-01-18 Woman Teacher in Black Sakura 100 min Oriental Dream XV-31 Kaoru Adachi Uncensored - FemDom
With Sana Nakajima
Uncensored version (with some cuts) of Urination Class (2004-04-17)
2005-01-20 Lesbian Rape Paradise
レズレイプパラダイス ~女に犯された私~
Paradise PTV-221 Lesbian
With 1 other
2005-01-24 Anarchy-X Vol. 32 50 min Spirits AN-32 Uncensored
Also online as Amazing Car Sex
2005-01-28 Enema Area 16
エネマ痴帯 16
80 min CineMagic NOIR CN-463 (VHS)
DCN-005 (DVD)
Tatsuo Mishima Scat
(Anth.) With Yuki Saito, Kokomi, Airi Nakagawa & 2 others
(Comp.) - her scene is from Depression of a Beautiful Woman Temporary Employee (2003-11-21)
2005-01-28 Team of Treacherous Office Ladies
90 min (VHS & DVD-Rental)
120 min (DVD-Sale)
ROKAD-004 (DVD-Rental)
KMP Million MILD-258 (DVD-Sale)
Osamu Saito With Naomi Hirose, Yuria Misaki, Nanako Igawa & 4 others
2005-02-02 Very Best Sakura Sakurada 200 min Goemon OX-03 Uncensored
(Comp.) from Erorist 3 (2004-02-10), NAMA Trip 5 (2004-06-15) & Try 1 (2004-03-05)
2005-02-04 Sexual Intercourse by a Love Potion of Erotic Lesbian 3
これが噂の薬漬けレズバージョン 3
150 min Natural High IAT-033 Itaka & Smithring Powder Lesbian / BDSM
With Ami Nishimura, Miwa, Akira, Riho Matsuoka & Mai Tsukisaki
2005-02-08 Truly Beautiful Women - Lesbian Pornography
90 min Marx SMA-063 Lesbian
With Shizuku Tsukino
2005-02-15 Lascivious Mother-in-Law
義母の疼き ~その後
120 min Madonna JUKD-159 Starring Emiko Koike
2005-02-17 Emotion Vol. 10 - Shooting! 97 min AV Box Emotion ABE-010 (Taiwan) Uncensored
Produced 2004. See Magic Banana Vol 40 (2006-09-10). Also released in part as Love Collection 85
It Is Reverse Rape to a Girl's School Student! Vol. 1
80 min Media Station Bazooka BA-099 (VHS)
RMD-298 (DVD)
Dragon Nishikawa With Ami Nishimura, Mai Tsukisaki & others
2005-02-25 Rigorous Training (Shigoki) 3
シゴキ 3
90 min Giga GGI-03 (VHS)
SGI-03 (DVD)
2005-02-28 The Office Lady After Five (2Pac. Vol 8)
105 min 2Pac.DPC08 Uncensored
(Anth.) With Rui
(Comp.) - her section is from Beautiful Big Breast Teacher (2003-08-12)
2005-03-08 Exhibit Wholly Sakurada Sakura
220 min Marx SBB-001 (Comp.) - scenes from earlier Marx videos
2005-03-15 Private Shot Vol. 1 Sakura 90 min Charge Planning PSXD-01
2005-03-15 Star Box Vol. 52 - Coercive Lady Is Sakura Sakurada
STAR BOX 桜田さくら
100 min Waap Entertainment SBD-052 (Comp.) - scenes from Woman Raped by a Lady's Molester (2004-02-06), Condominium of the Big Breast Wife (2004-03-05) & M-1 GP Solo Live Show (2005-01-08)
2005-03-16 Japan Gal's Life - Sex File Sakura (Special Sexy Girls) Vol. 2
150 min Sosoruonna SSO02 Uncensored
(Comp.) from Beauty Queen 1 (2004-04-21) & Mark II Vol 1 (2004-04-15)
2005-03-18 I Want to Do Sex as Such a Married Woman
90 min Ideally Visions RIN-006 / INK-006
2005-03-21 Fucking Girls 120 min Four Dimension Stay STY-121 (VHS) Don Kongu With others
2005-03-23 Actress Complex Act 3 120 min ActPro CXD-03 Uncensored
(Anth.) With Saki Amamiya, Yuki Sawamiya & Miku Aoi
(Comp.) - her scene is from Lover Girl Vol 3 (2003-10-29)
2005-03-25 Lecherous Women Teasing Sex (Sex Hell for Men)
男殺油地獄 寸止め地獄責め 完全版
90 min (VHS & DVD-Rental)
120 min (DVD-Sale)
ROKAD-008 (DVD-Rental)
KMP Million MILD-283 (DVD-Sale)
With Aoi & Naomi Hirose
2005-03-29 Studio Milan - Sakura 180 min Oriental Dream SM-01 Uncensored - Cosplay
(Anth.) With Milk Ichigo & Hikari Umino
(Comp.) - scene from Sakura Sakura (2004-05-01)
2005-04-14 Tokyo Geisha Girls 90 min JapanX JXH2001 Uncensored
(Anth.) With Rei Kanzaki
(Comp.) - her part is the kimono scene from Japanese Super Idols Vol 33 (2004-10-25)
2005-04-15 Women Who Do Sports
120 min Moodyz Best MDED-385 With 17 others
(Comp.) - her scene from Dosukoi (2004-04-01)
2005-04-20 Erotic Venus Vol. 9
エロティック ヴィーナス 9
80 min Samurai-AV YSM-019 Uncensored
See Behind the Scenes Live Video Recording Sakura Sakurada (2004-04-27). Also released in part as Emission Vol. 43 (n.d.)
2005-04-23 The RQ Scandal 10 50 min Tokyo Hot Groove-Beat Studios Uncensored - Cosplay-RQ
Also released as Motto Tsuyudaku 13 [MOT-013] & Super High Class Hooker [JU-106] (n.d.)
2005-04-29 Fever Five Vol. 1
美勇伝 1
110 min Heaven FF-01 Uncensored
(Anth.) With 4 others
(Comp.) - her scene from Mark II Vol 1 (2004-04-15)
2005-04-29 Fever Five Vol. 6
痴女伝 6
110 min Heaven FF-06 Uncensored
(Anth.) With 4 others
(Comp.) - her scene from Beauty Queen Vol 1 (2004-04-21)
2005-05-04 Wives Made to Snack
110 min IEnergy IE-170 (Anth.) With Runna Sakai, Saki Yamamoto, Momoka & Marie Fujisaki
2005-05-10 The Interview File 06
いじめんせつ 06
120 min Kitsune Video KTN-004 (Taiwan) Kihiro Kitano Uncensored
(Anth.) Starring: Minami Hoshikawa with Miku Hasegawa, Minami Aoyama, Mio Ohnishi, Moe Kitahara, Ririko Asahina & Takato Nagashima
Uncensored version of The Meanterview (2004-05-26)
2005-05-13 Sex Party - Sakura Sakurada Behind the Camera
140 min Hard Core Maniax HCMX-002 With others
2005-05-13 Fever Five Vol. 12
巨乳伝 12
110 min Heaven FF-12 Uncensored
(Anth.) With 4 others
2005-05-20 FantaDream Tokyo Virtual 15 80 min FantaDream FDD-1715 Uncensored
(Anth.) With Yui Kawai & Akira Watase
Filmed in 2004
2005-05-25 Sakura Forever! Parts 1-3
60 min Tokyo Hot n0053, n0056, n0061 Uncensored - Cosplay-RQ
Online. Also released as The RQ Scandal 17 (2005-07-10), Ecstasy 173 (2005-08-12) & AV Star Uncensored Cream Pie [JU-197] (n.d.)
2005-06-24 AV Actress Interview
120 min CrossWorld DRA-009 Dragon Nishikawa Also released with same title as DigiMax CZAV-007 (2006-08-19)
With Ami Nishimura, Mai Tsukisaki & Kokoa Amai
2005-06-28 The Star of Golf 2
ゴルフの星 2
88 min Gash XG-3516 (VHS)
SRXV-252 (DVD)
Junk Saito With 2 others
2005-07-06 Sakura Sakurada Table Can Not Video
60 min H. S. Image OVD-037
2005-07-07 Lesbian Attack, Lesbian Counter-Attack<brレズ攻撃 レズ反撃!! 2 115 min IEnergy BKSP-021 Hamachi Lesbian
With Rei Himekawa
2005-07-10 The RQ Scandal 17 59 min Tokyo Hot Groove-Beat Studios Uncensored - Cosplay-RQ
Same as Sakura Forever! (2005-05-25)
2005-07-21 Which is a Close Friend? Touch and Guess 6
どのコが親友!?マ○コ触って当ててみろ! 6
120 min Natural High ZZZ-106 Emo Lee With 7 others (4 pairs)
2005-08-01 Sacrifice Vagina
130 min Moodyz Legend MDLD-440 Kenzo Nagira Starring Runa Tominaga
2005-08-02 W M 01
120 min Prestige Manhattan MAN-001 FemDom
With Rei Himekawa
2005-08-12 Ecstasy 173 - Sakura Sakurada Retirement Work
エクスタシー 173 桜田さくら引退作品
63 min Tokyo Hot Ecstasy-X 173 Uncensored - Cosplay-RQ
Same as Sakura Forever! (2005-05-25)
2005-08-15 Women Only Orgy Party - Endless Lesbian
144 min Dogma DDT-127 TOHJIRO Lesbian
With Ami Nishimura, Ram Himemiya, Urara Haru, Rua Maino & Yun Mayuki
2005-08-18 Vibrator Attack
115 min IEnergy BKSP-024 (Anth.) With Miyuki Shindo, Moe Kimishima, Hotaru Akane, Usagi Tsukioka, Marimo Asou, Maki Tomoda, Rei Himekawa & Yuka Fujisaki
2005-08-30 Deep Blue - Summer Memories
Deep blue ~夏の想い出~
90 min Gash XG-3524 (VHS)
SRXV-276 (DVD)
Kazuyuki Watanabe With 1 other
2005-09-02 Immoral Lesbian Undergarment Saleswoman
120 min Audaz Isis ISD-040 Lesbian
With Ayano Murasaki, Maki Tomoda & Minoru Satoshi Matsuoka
2005-09-03 Sky Angel 16
スカイエンジェル 16
90 min Sky High SKY-040 (South Korea) Uncensored
Produced 2005-07-31. Part also released as Sex Slave Secretary 奴隷秘書 [JU-038] (n.d.)
2005-09-10 The Real Rape / Hard Rape
ハードレイプ リアルレイプ 桜田さくら
120 min Red Spider DBG-003
2005-09-20 Boin Rider
120 min Next11 VNDS-639 With 6 others
(Comp.) - her scene from There Is a Molester Woman Next to You (2004-08-04)
2005-09-20 FantaDream Japanese Lotion Sex Vol. 1 110 min FantaDream FDD-2028 Uncensored
(Anth.) With Rei Himekawa, Yui Kawai, Natsumi Saki & Ayumi Minato
(Comp.) - her scene is from FantaDream Tokyo Virtual 15 (2005-05-20)
2005-09-21 Akiba-Troops! Cutie Rangers!
アキバ戦隊 萌えレンジャー
90 min Sky High Red Hot RED-013 (South Korea) Uncensored - Cosplay
With Milk Ichigo & Tsumiki Shindo
Produced 2005-07-31
2005-09-23 University Lesbian Camp Seminar
120 min Alice Japan Erotica NDV-0250 Dragon Nishikawa Lesbian
With 9 others
2005-10-01 Servant Lesbian Collection - Sakura & Mary Aoi
90 min EVE EVE-007 (VHS)
DEVE-007 (DVD)
With Mary Aoi
2005-10-13 Pickup in Reverse
120 min Hayabusa Agency DVH-291 With Kaoruko Wakaba
2005-10-15 Lustful Geisha Training
120 min Next11 ER-179 (VHS)
J-Model JML-178 (DVD)
Togo Binsou With Miyuki Shindo
2005-10-20 The Fore Buttocks Daughter of the Best is Fertilized 2
中出し受精 桜田さくら
120 min Evil Guns EGV-002 (VHS)
EGD-002 (DVD)
2005-10-28 Naka-das Shoot Inside 120 min Try-Heart Offside RTO-108 / OSD-142 Zack Arai Nakadashi
(Anth.) With Ami Nishimura, Ayumi Kubotsuka, Umi Miyahara, Aya Inazawa
2005-11-17 Big City Tokyo Exposure 5 (Megalopolis Tokyo 5)
露出 大都会東京5 桜田さくらをぶっ壊せ!!
115 min IEnergy BKSP-027 Shinsuke Inoue
2005-11-17 Beautiful Woman Pleasure Hell
スレスレ限界モザイク 快感地獄 美女でワキコキ
115 min IEnergy BKSP-028 (Anth.) With 6 others
2005-11-20 Ero Gal Sakura 160 min Miyabi YOU DEG-01
2005-11-25 It Can't Be Endured With a Private Teacher Special 2
家庭教師でガマンできない4時間Special 2
240 min S. B. SBND-049 (Anth.) With others
2005-11-28 FantaDream Tokyo Virtual 17 125 min FantaDream FDD-1717 Uncensored
(Anth.) Starring: Haruka Mizuki with Zyuri Wakatsuki, Rei Himekawa, Momo Himeno & Shoko Nakayama
2005-11-30 FantaDream 3D 96 min FantaDream 3DX001 Uncensored - On DVD-ROM - with free 3-D glasses!
(Anth.) With Mio Komori & Reiko Yamaguchi
(Comp.) - Sakurada's scene is from FantaDream Tokyo Virtual 13 (2004-12-30)
2005-12-02 Saliva Fascination Intonation 4
よだれ艶曲 4
120 min Alpha International Fechu YDRD-04 Hidechan Lesbian
(Anth.) With Maki Tomoda, Miko Ai, Asuka Amami, Yuria Ishida & Akane Fujimoto
2005-12-04 Stripper
220 min SOD SDDM-727 TOHJIRO Starring Nana Natsume & Kurumi Morishita with brief appearances by Ami Nishimura, Maki Tomoda & Sakura Sakurada
2005-12-07 Les Noir
レズノアール 肉奴隷調教飼育
100 min Attackers Inmad ATID-068 Yui Koike Lesbian / BDSM
With Mayu Yamaguchi, Arisa Hatano & Moe Kimishima
2005-12-18 Celebrity Soap 3 (Oiran Vol. 3)
高級セレブソープ VOL 3
120 min Tabu OR-03 Uncensored
2005-12-22 Sexy Style IV
Sexy Style 4 ~淫らな女の本能~
100 min Alpha International O-Plan OPDD-11 Takuo Ohtani (Anth.) With Akane Fujimoto & Miyo Fukushita


Release date Video title Duration Label Director Notes
2006-01-20 During Working Hours at the Game Center (Hard Lesbian at Game Center)
100 min Hot Entertainment HET-519 Masaaki Kai Lesbian
With Arisa Chiba & Miyu Naruse
2006-01-20 Music Band Sluts Sex Shooting
120 min Alice Japan KS-8740 Dragon Nishikawa With 3 others
2006-01-25 Immoral Mature Woman - Sakura Sakurada
麗しき熟女の背徳 桜田さくら
70 min Rafael RFI-004
2006-01-30 Erotish 2 120 min TISH DER-2 / DW-54 Uncensored
(Comp.) - 5 scenes from earlier videos
2006-02-03 C-1 (Chijyo-One) Grand Prix
第1回 最強痴女決定戦 C-1グランプリ
150 min Alpha International Colors COLD-01 Takuo Ohtani With 8 others
2006-02-04 The Women Who Get Drunk Are Defenseless
120 min Natural High NHDT-271 Maki Peyoung Lesbian
With Junko, Megumi, Risa, Yaya Matsushima & Nancy
2006-02-10 Sakura Sakurada at 23
若妻のイケナイ逢瀬 桜田さくら
80 min Miss Great White FUFD-03
2006-02-13 Parade Vol. 8 - Love Arena
ラブアリーナ 1
120 min J-Spot PA-08 Uncensored
(Comp.) from Erotic Venus Vol 9 (2005-04-20) & Celebrity Soap 3 (2005-12-18)
2006-02-25 It Challenges Man's Limit!
120 min Big Morkal GOBR-021 (Anth.) With Mikan Tokonatsu & 2 others
2006-03-17 The Dog Game
THE DOG GAME 監禁獣姦レイプ
120 min Alpha International ManiaX MAXD-004
Ackers JG-043 (Taiwan)
Takuo Ohtani Rape / Bestiality
2006-03-17 The Outdoors Exposure Shame Act 6
野外露出恥行 6
120 min Dream Create RC-006 (VHS)
DRC-006 (DVD)
2006-03-17 Perversion Practice Ai Ueto
えっちのれんしゅう 上戸あい 完全版
90 min (Rental)
120 min (Sale)
KMP Million Angel RMIAD-053 (Rental)
MILD-396 (Sale)
Osamu Saito Starring Ai Ueto, Sakurada has a small mostly lesbian role
2006-03-19 Invincibility Molester
120 min Cross CRPD-042 Dragon Nishikawa (Anth.) With Aoi, Mamoru Murakami, Himekawa Natsuke, Rei Riccou
2006-03-31 Welcome to Tekoki Clinic Vol. 2
手コキクリニックにようこそ! 2
120 min Try-Heart Off Side RTO-110 / OSD-144 Toyozou (Anth.) With 4 others
2006-04-07 Cyber Madness 2
120 min Attackers Ryubaku RBD-050 Ryo Kurihara Lesbian / BDSM
Starring Ai Sawaki
2006-04-07 Les Noir 2
レズノアール2 肉奴隷調教飼育
120 min Attackers Inmad ATID-080 Yui Koike BDSM
With Ruka Uehara, Mayura Hoshitsuki & Miyu Otohime
2006-04-07 Beautiful Company President - Jealousy, Love & Power
本格レズ美人社長 嫉妬と愛と権力と
60 min Tokyo Onko Aja JC-106 (VHS)
TOD-70 (DVD)
Shinobu Okada Lesbian
With Nancy & Miyu
2006-04-17 Big Boobs
巨乳 【乱舞する乳房】 桜田さくら
70 min Labyrinth CUPS-01 (Comp.) - censored version of some scenes from Japanese Super Idols Vol 33 (2004-10-25)
2006-04-19 Excitement Life Image - Back of Inn Jean
120 min Cross CRPD-051 Captain Ehara (Anth.) With 5 others
2006-04-25 Cabaret Club Lesbian
120 min APA APD-51 Obugyo K K Lesbian
With 4 others
2006-05-13 Tokyo Night Girl 1
東京ナイトガール 1 東京ナイト・女の子達の実態
175 min Karma KRMV-133 (Anth.) With 4 others
2006-05-18 The Women Who Get Drunk Are Defenseless 2
これが噂の痙攣酒漬け 酔淫倶楽部 レズバージョン 2
120 min Natural High NHDT-316 Maki Peyoung Lesbian
With Nancy, Yaya Matsushima & others
2006-05-19 Digimo Lesbian Game 2
灼熱デジモ2 レズビアン ラブ&ゲーム
120 min Cross CRPD-052 Innjean Koga Lesbian
With Anna Kaneshiro & Ryo Tsujimoto
2006-05-19 3 Days Recording Training Camp with AV Actress Rock Band
120 min Cross CRPD-055 Matsushima Cross With Yuri Shiroyama, Minami Kitahara & Rui Ohtsubu
2006-06-09 Uncle's Fingers Are Going Inside of Me 7
こともあろうに叔父ちゃんの指が私の中へ 7
90 min Tokyo Onko TR-177 (VHS)
TOD-81 (DVD)
Shinobu Okada
2006-06-16 Your My Obediently Pet to Deal With Desire
僕のペット 如月カレン
140 min Real Works Real-160 Starring Karen Kisaragi
Sakurada has a small cameo role
2006-06-19 My Wife Turn Out Slut After Marriage
110 min Cross CRPD-065 Innjean Koga With Sakai Chinami, Madoka Kikuhara & Sakura Miyasato
2006-06-30 Sakura Sakurada in Full Bloom 980
120 min Rodeo Drive RDO-1012 (Comp.) - censored version of scenes from Erotic Venus Vol 9 (2005-04-20) & Lover Girl Vol 3 (2003-10-20)
2006-07-06 Mai Randa's Punishing Rope Bondage 7
乱田舞の責め縄緊縛図 七
72 min Mad Dragon RSK-007 (VHS)
DRSK-007 (DVD)
Randa Mai BDSM
2006-07-19 Paradise - Married Women Who Wear Sexy Glasses
120 min Cross CRPD-086 Pinky Osanai (Anth.) With 10 others
2006-08-07 Subtropical Slaves - Lesbian Discipline
亜熱帯奴隷 レズ調教パラダイス
130 min Attackers Inmad ATID-091 Yui Koike Lesbian / BDSM
With Ruka Uehara, Misaki Asou & Kaede Kyoumoto
2006-08-17 Magic Mirror Couple Limited Issue with Sakura Sakurada
120 min Deep's DVIFT-022 Segar With others
2006-08-25 Sexual Lesbian Vol. 6
レズ☆メス 6
80 min Kirindou L's Club VLSC-006 (VHS)
DLSC-006 (DVD)
With Housyou Ruri & Ruka Miyoshi
2006-09-07 The Slave Island Episode 5
奴隷島 第五章 哀辱は亡き父と共に
140 min Attackers Ryubaku RBD-060 Kenzo Nagira Starring Yuka Haneda & Nana Nanami with Maya
2006-09-08 Nymphomaniac Sakura No. 1
滴る淫らな雫 さくら
112 min Kageru SIZU-01
2006-09-10 Magic Banana Vol. 40 120 min Magic Banana MB-040 Uncensored
(Anth.) With Sayaka Fujina
(Comp.) - her section is from Emotion Vol 10 -Shooting! (2005-02-17)
2006-09-19 Tall M Woman with Big Tits & Short S Woman with Big Tits (High Body)
120 min Cross CRPD-111 Takinogawa Shinnosuke Lesbian / BDSM

Minor role, Starring Hotaru Akane & Azusa Ayano

2006-09-20 Deep Kiss Lesbian
120 min Alpha International Fechizumu FETD-27 Lesbian
(Anth.) With Shinobu Ebihara, Maki Tomoda & others
2006-09-29 FantaDream Super Idol 58 116 min FantaDream FDD-1258 Uncensored
Produced 2004-09-18
2006-10-07 Les Noir 3
Les-noir3 肉奴隷調教飼育
120 min Attackers Inmad ATID-096 Yui Koike Lesbian / BDSM
With Misaki Asou, Miki Karasawa & Mai Kaoru
2006-10-10 Bind, Tame, Realize - The World of Mai Randa 9
緊縛調教リアライズ 9
90 min Hardness HAR-009 (VHS)
DHAR-009 (DVD)
Randa Mai BDSM
2006-10-14 Sakura Sakurada & Maki Tomoda & Aki Tomosaki Live Performance
115 min Paradise TV PARAT-544 Lesbian
With Maki Tomoda & Aki Tomosaki
2006-10-19 Heroine's Two Way Cosplay Sex
120 min Cross CRPD-119 Takinogawa Shinnosuke Lesbian / Cosplay
Starring Rino Akiba with Shizuku Tsukino & Rei Himekawa
2006-10-20 Haruna Woman Director of Amateur Lesbian Massage 10
180 min Peters PTS-036 Lesbian
With others
2006-11-01 Beautiful Young Wives Who Love Only You 2
アナタだけの若奥様 2
120 min Try-Heart/SexiA SXBD-007 (Anth.) With Izumi Shiina
2006-11-11 Sweet Honey Sister's Brother-in-Law
甘い蜜の家 ~義兄妹の系譜~
90 min Kirindou Hide & Seek HIDV-008 (VHS)
HIDD-008 (DVD)
With Housyou Ruri & Ruka Miyoshi
2006-11-14 Sakura's Squirt Tunnel Adventures! 110 min Oriental Dream XV-42 Temple Suwa Uncensored - Nakadashi
Uncensored (and shorter) version of Spew Inside (2004-05-20) with English sub-titles
2006-11-16 Shame Lesbian Training Vol. 2
陵辱レズ調教 2
120 min Maxing Super Dragon SGSD-002 Ryuichi Saito With Haruka
2006-11-25 "Cream Pie" Served in this Company
庶務二課OL 中出し接待
100 min Madonna JUKD-511 Small role, Starring Ryoko Izawa
2006-12-19 Little Paipan Girls @ Spartan Education
150 min Cross CRPD-132 Dragon Nishikawa Lesbian
With Shizuku Tsukino, Ramu Kawai, Yu Makise, Miho Ogura, Ayu Yuuki, Riro Hanaki, Nene Mukai & Juri Yoshizawa
2006-12-25 Shall We - Abnormal Dancing School
90 min TM-Create Papaya PAR-0602 / PAS-002 Captain Ehara With Shizuku Tsukino & 3 others


Release date Video title Duration Label Director Notes
2007-01-19 Only Women's Sadistic Heaven
90 min Cross CRPD-138 Dragon Nishikawa Lesbian / BDSM
With 5 others
2007-01-25 The Real Document of Sales Woman Sex Business
90 min TM-Create Papaya PAR-0701 / PAS-003 Captain Ehara (Anth.) With 6 others
2007-01-30 Private Sex
120 min Judge SJDV-008 / JUDG-008 Zack Arai (Anth.) With 4 others
2007-02-07 Les Noir 4
Les-noir4 肉奴隷調教飼育
100 min Attackers Inmad ATID-110 Yui Koike Lesbian / BDSM
With Kaya Yonekura, Ayumi Hasegawa & Ami Nishimura
2007-02-08 Hardcore Lesbian
71 min Dream Create Rose DX RSD-028 (VHS)
DRSD-028 (DVD)
With June Mizuna
2007-03-07 Les Noir 5
Les-noir5 肉奴隷調教飼育
120 min Attackers Inmad ATID-114 Yui Koike Lesbian / BDSM
With Riko Sakura, Hotaru Akane & Azusa Nagase
2007-03-09 Employee Travel in Guam
ヌキヌキ社員旅行 IN グアム
120 min VIP INJ-008 Injan Gundan With Emiri Sena, Yuuki Kamiyama, Vanilla & Anna Kaneshiro
2007-03-24 Super Black Judge
120 min VIP INJ-009 (Anth.) With 6 others
2007-04-19 Playful "Minisuka Police" Lesbian
熟マゾレズビアン 元6代目ミニ○カポリス
120 min Cross CRPD-156 Tiger Sakai Lesbian
Starring Mei Kagura with others
2007-04-19 Superb Body x4
120 min Cross CRPD-160 Captain Ehara (Anth.) With Anna Kaneshiro, Hotaru Akane & Rico
2007-04-19 Kinugawa Spa College Students
130 min SOD LadyxLady Lady-015 Umeko Amazaki Lesbian
With 7 others
2007-04-19 Reserve Troop Girls (Erotic Dancing Teacher to Entertainer Wannabees)
130 min SOD LadyxLady Lady-017 Yuki Nakata Lesbian

Small role, Starring Ren Hitomi & others

2007-04-27 FantaDream Yukata Angel Vol. 2 109 min FantaDream FDD-2047 Uncensored
(Anth.) With Mayumi Endo & Momona Saku
(Comp.) - her scene is from FantaDream SuperIdol 58 (2006-09-29)
2007-06-01 Anal Splash Thick Lesbian United!
120 min Cross OPEN-0755 / CRPD-209 Captain Ehara Lesbian
With Chihiro Hara & Hotaru Akane
Entry in AV Open contest
2007-07-07 Best of Les Noir
肉奴隷調教飼育 レズノアールBEST 4
80 min Attackers Best ATKD-103 Yui Koike Lesbian / BDSM
With 17 others
(Comp.) - scenes from Les Noir 1-5
2007-07-19 Madame masochiste, les filles sadiques
120 min Cross CRPD-178 Dragon Nishikawa Lesbian / BDSM
With Kaoru Kisaragi & Hotaru Akane
2007-07-19 Sweet Memories Syuri Ebihara
Sweet Memories 蛯原朱里
100 min HIBINO HAVD-338 Saburouta Honmoku Starring Syuri Ebihara
Lesbian-only scene for Sakura
2007-08-06 Reverse Flow - Sakura Sakurada
裏流出 桜田さくら
90 min Star Rubbish URYU-02 (Comp.) - Censored version of scenes from Celebrity Soap 3 (2005-12-18) & other videos
2007-08-07 Revenge and Grudge Scenario
revenge&grudge 怨讐のシナリオ
170 min Attackers Shark SSPD-039 Yui Koike Starring Runa Mikami & Yuki Touma
Lesbian-only scene for Sakura
2007-08-07 Cyber Madness Best
240 min Attackers Best ATKD-105 Ryo Kurihara Lesbian / BDSM
With 6 others
(Comp.) - scenes from Cyber Madness 1-4. She was only in Cyber Madness 2 (2006-04-17)
2007-08-16 Shame Lesbian Training
180 min Maxing Stargate SGSP S002 Ryuichi Saito With Haruka & others
(Comp.) - scenes from Shame Lesbian Training Vol. 1-3. She was only in Shame Lesbian Training 2 (2006-11-16)
2007-08-19 Big Baby and Little Mommy
117 min Cross CRPD-180 Dragon Nishikawa Lesbian / Lactation
Starring Chihiro Hara & Tsukasa Maehara
2007-08-25 The Real Document of Sales Woman Sex Business 4
本当にあった生保レディーの訪悶犯売 4
90 min TM-Create Papaya PAR-0710 / PAS-012 Captain Ehara (Anth.) With 4 others
2007-09-19 Sparta & Lesbian Females - Detention Home
110 min Cross CRPD-190 Matsushima Cross Lesbian / BDSM
With 6 others
2007-09-28 Sadi-Scream Vol. 4
サディスクリーム Vol.04
75 min Giga Zeus JSSD-04 Horror / BDSM
2007-10-25 Pornographic Relatives Special Edition 3
親戚がエロくてガマンできない3時間スペシャル 3
180 min S. B. SBND-101 (Anth.) With Maki Tomoda
(Comp.) - scene from Uncle's Fingers Are Going Inside of Me 7 (2006-06-09)
2007-10-31 Chijyo Sikou Midara
100 min Arrius Emuos EMUO-01 FemDom
With Maki Tomoda
2007-11-09 New Enema
100 min Giga Zeus JGBD-01 Scat
Starring Lemon Kibayashi & Mitsuna Sahara
Cameo role as "nurse" administering enemas.
2007-11-19 Enslaved Black Doll
120 min Cross CRPD-201 Tomoyasu Takei FemDom
2007-11-24 Girl From Northern Country
北の国からやってきた素敵な女の子 つじもとりょう
120 min Akebono Premium AKPR-004 Starring Ryo Tsujimoto
Single lesbian-only scene for Sakura
2007-12-01 Double Minisuka
Wミニスカ捜査官 悶絶フィスト2穴中出しレズ輪姦
240 min M's Video Group AVGL-008 Mr. Kemuri Rape
Starring Maki Tomoda & Mei Kagura
Lesbian-only scenes for Sakurada
2007-12-18 Inran Cosplay Chijyo Vol. 5 with Jun & Sakura
淫乱コスプレ痴女 Vol.5 潤&さくら
60 min Kirindou DINC-005 With June Mizuna
2007-12-25 The Real Document of Sales Woman Sex Business - Contract Technique
本当にあった生保レディーの訪悶犯売 秘契約術
120 min TM-Create Papaya PAR-0715 / PAS-017 (Anth.) With 10 others
(Comp.) - her scenes from The Real Document of Sales Woman Sex Business (2007-01-25)


Release date Video title Duration Label Director Notes
2008-01-19 Private Girl's School of Anal Spanking
120 min Cross CRPD-214 Tomoyasu Takei Lesbian / BDSM
With 5 others
2008-01-25 New Enema Vol. 3
新・浣腸 Vol.03
100 min Giga Zeus JGBD-03 Scat
Starring Makoto Hina & Saki Ogasawara
Cameo role administering enemas.
2008-02-19 Intelligence Girl's Temptation Life
120 min Cross CRPD-219 Dragon Nishikawa Lesbian
With Maki Tomoda & Nagase Aki
2008-02-25 The Real Document of Sales Woman Sex Business - Contract Technique 2
本当にあった生保レディーの訪悶犯売 契約術2
100 min TM-Create Papaya PAR-0804 / PAS-021 (Anth.) With 9 others
(Comp.) - her scene from The Real Document of Sales Woman Sex Business 4 (2007-08-25)
2008-03-08 Karen Kisaragi - Undercover Drug Investigator
麻薬潜入捜査官カレン ―失った愛情―
130 min Attackers Ryubaku RBD-108 [Jo]Style Starring Karen Kisaragi
Lesbian-only for Sakurada
2008-03-19 The Maniac Lesbians' Filming Party
230 min Cross CRPD-227 Sakura Sakurada Lesbian
With 4 others
2008-03-19 Sakura Sakurada Beautiful Slave Wife
陵辱・美人妻奴隷 桜田さくら
80 min Kan Kan Club Pinky Pistols PILH-07
2008-05-19 The Cravings of Masochistic Anus
120 min Anna and Hanako ANND-009 Tomoyasu Takei Lesbian
Starring Rico & Azusa Itou
2008-05-19 Two Hot Lesbians in Double Loving Hot Spa Outing Extravaganza
120 min Cross CRPD-235 Tomoyasu Takei Lesbian
With Yumi Kazama
2008-05-19 Power Harassment Lesbian
120 min Cross CRPD-237 Dragon Nishikawa Lesbian
With Ai Kaduki
2008-05-25 Lust Hell - Hard Lesbian
肉欲ドロヌマ地獄 ハードレズビアン
82 min Nagae-Style SBNR-073 / SBNS-073 Takami Nagae Lesbian
With Haruka Ogoshi & Nana Takeshita
2008-06-13 Heroine Cruel Story Vol. 7
ヒロイン残酷物語 Vol.07
71 min Giga Zeus JHZD-07 Lesbian / Cosplay / Torture
Starring: Maho Sawai
2008-08-19 Endless Leaking Doro-Doro Courting Lesbian
エンドレスお漏らし ドロドロ求愛レズビアン
120 min Anna and Hanako ANND-018 Tomoyasu Takei Lesbian
Starring Azusa Itou & Erin Tohno. Non-sex role for Sakurada.
2008-08-19 Big Bust New Faces Lesbian Interview
200 min Cross CRPD-257 Sakura Sakurada Lesbian
With Ai Miyazaki, Miwa Nishiki, Mirai Hata, Yukie Fubuki & Aoi Nagase. Five separate scenes with Sakurada as the Interviewer.
2008-09-03 Hamedori Must-See Pantyhose Mania Vol. 1
ハメ撮りパンストマニア必見 VOL..01
116 min BUMP Lecture LEC-005 With Noa Koizumi
2008-09-30 Shin Chijyo Densetsu (True Slut Legend)
120 min Arrius Emuos EMUO-02 With Maki Tomoda
2008-12-01 My Play Style Sakura Sakurada
My Play Style 桜田さくら
30 min SWC VFT SCWC-001 Virtual-Gear equipment synchronizes with the video.


Release date Video title Duration Label Director Notes
2009-01-09 Fundoshi Battle 1 (Loincloth Battle)
86 min Giga Akibattle AKBD-13 Taizo Cat fight wrestling
With Nene Masaki & Izumi Yuuki (Idumi Yuki)
2009-01-09 They Are Drowned the Celebrity Wives in the Visit Aesthetician
90 min Tokyo Onko Aja TOS-038 Lesbian
With Naomi Wakatsuki & Ayano Nakamura
2009-02-25 Lesbian Sex Therapy
121 min Nagae-Style SBNR-109 Hanayo Umezawa Lesbian
With Yuu Kawakami
2009-03-13 The Knight-Shift “D’Arc”
97 min Giga G1 Grand Prix TGGP-05 Ginta Jinji Starring Shion
2009-04-10 Super Mix Fight Battle 5
72 min Giga TDLN-90 Taizo Cat fight wrestling
With two other actresses
2009-04-10 Super Mix Fight Battle 6
66 min Giga TDLN-91 Taizo Cat fight wrestling
With two other actresses
2009-04-24 I Feel the Ecstasy Only by Your Caress
官能レズドラマ4 もう貴女でしかイケない
180 min LADIES♀ROOM LADS-033 Lesbian
With Nancy, Miyu & others
(Comp.) - her scene is from Beautiful Company President - Jealousy, Love & Power (2006-04-07)
2009-05-08 30 Year Old Wives Are Crazy About Visit Aesthetician's Lesbian Technique
本格レズ 訪問エステに溺れる三十路妻たち
89 min Tokyo Onko Aja TOS-057 Lesbian
With Misato Houjou & Mari Hosokawa
2009-05-19 The Boy of the Hefty Sized Dick is G Cup
120 min Cross CRPD-298 Dragon Nishikawa With Saki Tsuji
2009-07-10 Heroine Real Breakdown - Duo Chronicles : Insulted Metrofalus Obeys
ヒロインリアルブレイクダウン DUO戦記 辱従のメトロファルス
88 min Giga TOR-60 Ginta Jinji With Rin Momoi
2009-07-23 Woman Cram School Lesbian Acme
女塾 レズアクメ
120 min Around CJD-20 Lesbian
With Rei Haruki & Myu
2009-08-01 She-male Slave Breeding
ニューハーフ改造奴隷 性濁のサクリファイス
105 min CineMagic Noir CMN-041 Yuuta Shinonome With Mai Fujisaki. Lesbian-only role for Sakurada.
2009-08-14 Visit Esthetic Lesbian Series 3
本格レズ 訪問エステに溺れる団地妻たち
90 min Tokyo Onko Aja TOS-072 Lesbian
With Miho Wakabayashi & Miduki
2009-09-19 Woman Cram School Lesbian Acme 3
女塾 レズアクメ 3
120 min Around CJD-32 Lesbian
With Nanako Yoshioka & Myu
2009-11-13 Visit Esthetic Lesbian Series - Yukemuri Journal
本格レズ 訪問エステ 湯けむり紀行
90 min Tokyo Onko Aja TOS-085 Shinobu Okada Lesbian
With Saki Matsuda & Kyōko Kanzaki
2009-11-13 Into the Body - Micro Heroine Mamorunger
体内潜入 ミクロヒロイン 正義戦隊マモルンジャー
68 min Giga TGGP-11 Tentacle sex
Starring Mika Mizuno. Non-sex role for Sakurada.
2009-12-01 Lesbian Officer's Enema Camp
レズビアン将校 淫謀のエニグマ収容所
120 min CineMagic Noir CMN-046 Yuuta Shinonome With Misaki Kanda. Lesbian-only role for Sakurada.
2009-12-11 Cutie Lily - The Black Diamond
88 min Giga GXXD-43 Unatsuki With Nao Ayukawa, Riri Kōda & Ririka Hayama


Release date Video title Duration Label Director Notes
2010-01-25 Antares Women Vol. 1
アンタレスの女 vol.1
120 min PlanetPlus Antares ANTA-01 FemDom
2010-01-25 Antares Women Vol. 2
アンタレスの女 vol.2
100 min PlanetPlus Antares ANTA-02 FemDom
2010-01-25 Antares Women Vol. 3
アンタレスの女 vol.3
95 min PlanetPlus Antares ANTA-03 FemDom
2010-01-25 Antares Women Vol. 4
アンタレスの女 vol.4
105 min PlanetPlus Antares ANTA-04 FemDom
2010-02-19 The Widow Rape
120 min Cross CRPD-336 Shinosuke Takinogawa With Asahi Hojo. Lesbian-only role for Sakurada.
2010-04-25 Antares Women Vol. 5
アンタレスの女 vol.5
100 min PlanetPlus Antares ANTA-05 FemDom
With Miyu
2010-04-25 Antares Women Vol. 6
アンタレスの女 vol.6
80 min PlanetPlus Antares ANTA-06 FemDom
With Miyu
2010-05-21 Serious Lesbian Story 3
本気レズ ストーリー 3
180 min LADIES♀ROOM LADS-063 Lesbian
With Miduki, Miho Wakabayashi, Aya Suzuki, Ion Atsumi & Mao Yamaguchi
2010-05-25 Antares Women Vol. 7
アンタレスの女 vol.7
80 min PlanetPlus Antares ANTA-07 Lesbian
With Miyu
2010-05-25 Antares Women Vol. 8
アンタレスの女 vol.8
70 min PlanetPlus Antares ANTA-08 FemDom
With Miyu
2010-07-19 Lesbian Predatory Love
120 min Anna and Hanako ANND-065 Tomoyasu Takei Lesbian
With Hikari Hino & Azumi Mizushima
2010-08-25 Antares Women Vol. 9
アンタレスの女 vol.9
110 min PlanetPlus Antares ANTA-09 FemDom
With Yuria Tachiki
2010-08-25 Antares Women Vol. 10
アンタレスの女 vol.10
100 min PlanetPlus Antares ANTA-10 FemDom
With Yuria Tachiki
2010-11-26 Lesbian Temptation Chapter 4
レズビアンテンプテーション ~Lへの誘い 第四章~
120 min LADIES♀ROOM LADS-078 Lesbian
With Miyu & Yuria Tachiki
2010-11-26 Lesbian Couple Seduced by Massage Therapist
官能劇場 レズビアン生活 その弐 レズエステ界の表と裏で蠢く女達…
190 min LADIES♀ROOM LADS-079 Lesbian
With Reiko Nakamori, Ando Natsuki, Saki Matsuda, Kyoko Kanzaki & Riri Kōda


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