Polyvalent Hall (Cluj-Napoca)

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Polyvalent Hall
Location Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Owner Cluj County Council
Operator Universitatea Cluj-Napoca
Capacity Boxing: 9,777
Concerts: 9,560
Basketball, Handball: 7,252
Gymnastics: 6,792
Broke ground May 2010
General contractor SC CON-A SA in association with Inter Sport, Nisal, Dico și Țigănaș and Plan 31 Ro
Universitatea Mobitelco (Divizia A)
Universitatea Jolidon (Liga Naţională)
Universitatea Transilvania (Liga Națională)

Polyvalent Hall from Cluj-Napoca (Romanian: Sala Polivalentă din Cluj-Napoca) is a multi-purpose indoor arena in Cluj-Napoca, Romania that is currently under construction.[1]


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