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Salada tea is a brand of tea sold by Salada Foods, a division of Redco Foods, Inc., a United States company.


"Salada Stamp Club" in Montreal to exchange Salada Tea labels with postage stamps of the British colonies.

Salada tea was founded in 1892 by Montreal businessman Peter C. Larkin. Larkin's main innovation was to offer its tea packaged in foil packaging, as opposed to being sold in loose form from chests, which helped to establish a uniform, consistent flavor, and a guarantee of freshness to its drinkers. Salada became one of the leading teas in Canada and the northeastern United States.

By 1917, Salada was so popular in the US, that it was able to establish its own headquarters and blending and packaging plant at 330 Stuart Street in Boston, Massachusetts. The architects were Densmore and LeClear. This former headquarters building's large bronze doors by Henry Wilson are inscribed with images of the history of the Ceylon tea trade, as well as Larkin's own contributions to a commitment to quality in the field. Though the building has been sold on several times the doors are still there.

By the 1950s, Salada had established plants across North America. Salada is now a division of Redco Foods, Inc. in Little Falls, New York.[1]