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Salakanagara kingdom is the first historically recorded Indianized kingdom in Western Java, created by Indian trader after marrying a local Sundanese princess.[1] This Kingdom existed between 130-362 AD.


The history of Salakanagara is quite mysterious as the historical and archaeological sources are scarce. Compared to its successor, Tarumanagara, the kingdom did not leave any local tangible historical records and relics such as inscriptions or temples ruins. The main source of Salakanagara's history was a manuscript Pustaka Rajya-rajya I Bhumi Nusantara composed in 17th century by a council led by Prince Wangsakerta of Cirebon, and a few Chinese sources.[2]


According to Pustaka manuscript, Salakanagara was located on west coast of Java, in the present day Banten province.It was founded by Dewawarman, stylized as Prabu Dharmalokapala Dewawarman Haji Raksagapura Sagara. Dewawarman was an Indian ambassador or trader sent from India to establish relations with Javadwipa.[2]

According to a history record from India, the kingdom ruled Javadwipa from 130 CE to 362 CE. The founder of the kingdom was Aki Tirem. The kings of Salakanagara[3] were:

  • 1. Dewawarman I
  • 2. Dewawarman II
  • 3. Dewawarman III
  • 4. Dewawarman IV
  • 5. Dewawarman V
  • 6. Dewawarman VI
  • 7. Dewawarman VII
  • 8. Dewawarman VIII

Edi S. Ekajati, one of Indonesia historian, argued that Salakanagara is Argyre which was a mythical island of silver in Greek and Roman mythology because Salakanagara means "country of silver" in Sanskrit.[4]

Salakanagara was replaced by Tarumanagara.


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