Salauddin Lavlu

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Salauddin Lavlu
Native name সালাউদ্দিন লাভলু
Born Kushtia, Khulna, Bangladesh
Occupation Actor, screenwriter and television director
Years active 1985-present

Salauddin Lavlu is a Bangladeshi actor, screenwriter and television director. His works generally consist of television films and telenovelas. His productions are usually comedies, and they generally are immensely popular with the Bangladeshi audiences.[citation needed] His notable works include the television films Basto Doctor (2004), Goruchor (2007), Dholer Baddo (2008) and Warren (2009), along with the telenovelas Ronger Manush (2004), Vober Hat (2007), Ghor Kutum (2008), Alta Sundori (2009) and Sakin Sarisuri (2009).

Early life[edit]

Lavlu was born and raised in a village in the Kushtia District in the Khulna Division of western Bangladesh.


Early career[edit]

In 1977, Lavlu moved to Dhaka, to join the Aranyak Natyadal Theatre, where he acted in stage plays until 1985 but desired to do other things.

After Bangladesh Television (BTV) started its own production, he acted in several television dramas . In the early 1990s, he explored other options and began working as a photographer. In 1997, after working as a photographer for about six years, he found a new passion as a director.

Acting, writing and directing[edit]

Between 1997 and 2004, Lavlu directed eight or nine[clarification needed] television films including Dichakrojaan (1997), Gahargachi (1997), Ekjon Aynal Lashkar (1999), Adhuli (2002) and Gor (2002). These works received critical acclaim and some have earned awards. These films share a common thread exploring the rural denizens of Bangladesh – a passionate topic for Lavlu. He believes television films about the villages of Bangladesh are entertaining because there is room for a lot of comedy. He also believes that, in a village, it is easier to find different types of characters because there are simple people with different kinds of personalities. Lavlu believes that these people form the basis for all the characters you will need to write a script.

In a recent interview[citation needed] Lavlu expressed why he is so attached to villages of Bangladesh.

[citation needed]

Since 2004, Lavlu has directed and acted in many different telenovelas. Ronger Manush (2004) was his first telenovela directorial début. Following its success, he pursued making more of them. Since then he has directed and acted in five telenovelas. Two of these include Vober Hat (2007) and Ghor Kutum (2008). Both of these telenovelas included the same stars, such as Mosharraf Karim and Chanchal Chowdhury (a favourite of Lavlu's, cast in most of his work).

Lavlu has also acted in and directed many television films including Goruchor (2007), Potro Milai (2007), Swapner Bilat (2007), Dholer Baddo (2008), Pattri Chai (2009) and Warren (2009).


[clarification needed]


Year Title Type Director
1997 Gahargachi Television film Lavlu
Dichakrojaan Television film Lavlu
1999 Ekjon Aynal Lashkar Television film Lavlu
2002 Gor Television film Lavlu
2004 Ronger Manush Telenovela Lavlu; Masum Reza
2006 Bagikor Television film Lavlu
Bahadur Doctor Television film Masum Reza
Ghor Television film Lavlu
Sinduknama Television film Bindabon Das
Kaacher Manush Telenovela Afsana Mimi
2007 Vober Hat Telenovela Lavlu; Masum Reza
Swapner Bilat Telenovela Lavlu
Doctor Bari Film Azizul Rahman
Goruchor Telenovela Lavlu
2008 Ghor Kutum Telenovela Lavlu; Bindabon Das
Dholer Baddo Television film Lavlu
Harkiptey Television film Masum Reza
2009 Sakin Sarisuri Telenovela Lavlu; Bindabon Das
Alta Sundori Telenovela Lavlu
Pattri Chai Television film Lavlu

Director and writer[edit]

Year Title Type
2002 Adhuli Television film
Gor Television film
2004 Ronger Manush Television film
Basto Doctor Telenovela
2006 Bagikor Television film
Ghor Television film
2007 Etimkhana Television film
Potro Mitali Television film
2008 Dholer Baddo Television film
2009 Gadha Nogor Television film
Warren Television film


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