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Mayor of Salford
Ian Stewart

since 4 May 2012
Style No courtesy title or style
Appointer Electorate of Salford
Term length Four years
Inaugural holder Ian Stewart
Formation 2012

The Mayor of Salford is a directly elected post created in 2012 for the City of Salford in Greater Manchester.[1] The position is different from the long-existing and largely ceremonial, annually appointed civic mayor of Salford.


In 2013 the Mayor urged the government to rethink spending cuts claiming thousands of residents will be pushed further into Poverty, Salford City Mayor, Ian Stewart said: “Salford has been forced to cut almost £100 million from council services since 2010. We have tried to increase our income in a number of ways, but it is an uphill battle. “Without this funding I fear for the many families who are being asked to contribute more, whilst they have suffered a loss in benefits income.[2]

In October 2013 Stewart Launched the 'City Plan' which set the priories of Salford City Council over the next three years. Stewart said: “It is my firm hope that the City Plan will help to guide Salford through austerity and the £75million in Government cuts to council services which we face over the next three years.[2]

Ian Stewart Welcomed the convictions and praised the work of Salford City Council trading Standards Officers after a Sex Slave was discovered in an eccles cellar. Mr Stewart said: “We believe this girl was brought into the country illegally in 2000 and fell into the clutches of these evil men when she was just 10 years old.[2]


A petition of 10,500 Salford residents, started by the English Democrats, on a referendum on the creation of a directly elected mayor. triggered the process of establishing a directly elected Mayor for Salford.[3] The poll was held on 26 January 2012.

Mayor of Salford referendum
26 January 2012
Choice Votes  %
Referendum passed Elected Mayor 17,344 55.92%
Cabinet System 13,653 44.08%
Valid votes 30,997 99.70%
Invalid or blank votes 94 0.30%
Total votes 31,091 100.00%
Registered voters/turnout 171,790 18.09%
Source: Salford City Council[4]



In the first election for a directly elected mayor in May 2012, Ian Stewart, a Labour Party politician who was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Eccles from 1997 until 2010, was elected.[5] During the campaign controversy surrounded Independent candidate Paul Massey who stated that he is not a criminal, after he was arrested in connection with allegations of money laundering. [6]

Salford Mayoral Election 3 May 2012 [7]
Party Candidate 1st Round  % 2nd Round Total  First Round Votes  Transfer Votes 
Labour Ian Stewart 20,663 46.04% 2,796 23,459
Conservative Karen Garrido 8,055 17.96% 2,016 10,071
UKIP Bernard Gill 3,368 7.50%
Independent Pat Ward 2,665 5.94%
Liberal Democrat Norman Owen 2,148 4.79%
BNP Edward O'Sullivan 2,026 4.51%
Independent Paul Massey 1,995 4.45%
English Democrats Michael Felse 1,616 3.60%
Green Joseph O'Neill 1,273 2.84%
Community Action Michael Moulding 1,065 2.37%
Labour win

List of Mayors[edit]

Political party Name Entered office Left office
Labour Ian Stewart 26 Jan 2012 Incumbent


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