Salih bin Abdullah al Humaid

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Shaykh Dr. Salih Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Humaid (Makkah)
Born May 10, 1947 Age: 60
Occupation Dean of Shura college at Umm-ul Qura Univ
Spouse(s) Fahda Bint Aziz
Children 7
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Dr. Salih bin Abdullah bin Himeid

Salih bin Abdullah bin Himeid is an Imam and Khateeb of the Holy Mosque in Makkah Mukarramah[citation needed].

His many other offices include[citation needed]:

  • 1. President of International Islamic Fiqh Academy
  • 2. Supreme Advisor in the Saudi Royal Diwan
  • 3. Member of High level Ulema Council, KSA
  • 4. Professor of Higher Studies in several Universities

Formerly he has held several important offices[citation needed]:

  • 1. President of Higher Judicial Council, KSA
  • 2. President of Saudi Majlis al Shura (Consultative Assembly of Saudi Arabia).[1]
  • 3. President of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques.
  • 4. Dean of the Faculty of Shariah at Um-ul-Qura University

He has also authored more than 25 important books in Islamic subjects[citation needed].


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