Salisbury, Oregon

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Salisbury is an unincorporated historic community[1] in Baker County, Oregon, United States. It is located on the Powder River at the junction of Oregon Route 7 and Oregon Route 245 about 10 miles southwest of Baker City. The elevation is 3655 feet (1114 m).[1]

The place was once named "Bennett", probably after a local resident.[2] Salisbury post office, established in 1906 and closed in 1907, was named after Hiram H. Salisbury, a superintendent for the W. H. Eccles Lumber Company.[2] Salisbury was also a station on the Sumpter Valley Railway.[3] In 1940, Salisbury had a population of 4.[4] As of 1980, "there was little evidence of commercial activity".[2]


Coordinates: 44°39′12″N 117°52′24″W / 44.653212°N 117.873271°W / 44.653212; -117.873271