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Sally may refer to:


  • Sally (military), an attack by the defenders of a town or fortress under siege against a besieging force
  • Sally, the Allied reporting name during World War II for the Imperial Japanese Army‍ '​s Mitsubishi Ki-21 bomber


  • Sally, a nickname for Sarah
  • Sally, a nickname for Sandra
  • Sally, a nickname for Salamander
  • Sally, a derivation of a traditional Irish Gaelic name, Sadhbh, pronounced 'syve'
  • Sally, a derivation of a Sorcha, an Irish and Scottish Gaelic name, pronounced 'sorr-kha'
  • A male nickname, rare outside Italy and the Italian diaspora, for someone named Salvatore

People with the given name Sally[edit]




Film and television[edit]


  • Sally Corporation, a manufacturer of dark rides and audio-animatronics
  • Sally Line, an Ålandian passenger shipping company and cruise line

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