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Sally Hershberger is a famous hair stylist known for creating Meg Ryan’s signature haircut, the “Sally Shag”, and appearing on the Bravo reality show, Shear Genius.

Hershberger was born in Kansas and raised in California and began doing hair at eighteen. While still in beauty school, she became an apprentice to Arthur Johns, a well-known Hollywood salon.

She also appeared on the The Jimmy Fallon Show, and gave a member of the crowd a mohawk.

She is reportedly the first stylist in New York to charge US$600.00 for a haircut. She currently charges US$800.00 for a haircut.[1]

She is rumored to be the inspiration for the character Shane McCutcheon on the television series The L Word.

She was featured on America's Next Top Model Cycles 13, 14, and 18 to give makeovers.

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