Sally Schantz

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Sally Schantz
Personal information
Alternative names Paulette Ormsby
Country represented  United States
Home town Utica, New York
Partner Stanley Urban

Sally Schantz is an American former figure skater. She competed in ice dance with Stanley Urban. Together, they were the 1963 U.S. Champions.

Schantz was from Indianapolis, Indiana. She represented the Skating Club of Boston while skating with Urban, who was attending Boston College at the time.[1]

Schantz and Urban were unable to defend their title in 1964 because Urban was injured. Schantz decided to turn professional at that time to take a coaching position.[2] She was the coach of an early precision skating team at St. Lawrence University, the "Larriettes".[3] Urban later returned to compete with a different partner.


Ice Dance[edit]

(with Edward H. Smith, Jr.)

Event 1962
U.S. Championships 4th J.

(with Stanley Urban)

Event 1963
World Championships 7th
North American Championships 3rd
U.S. Championships 1st


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