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The Salmon Tower Building is a 31-story[1] edifice located at 11[2] West 42nd Street in Manhattan which was designed by Albert J. Wilcox.[3] It was completed by early 1928 at which time its interior was more than 50% leased.[4] Salmon Tower Building was located just east of the Aeolian Building. The firm of Walter J. Salmon, Sr. which erected the edifice, was known as 11 West 42nd Street, Inc.[5] It is next door to 500 Fifth Avenue, also built by Salmon, Sr.

History of establishment[edit]

The New York headquarters to elect Herbert Hoover President of the United States in 1928 were located in the Salmon Tower Building.[6]

In September 1941 there was a strike of elevator operators in the building, so that only four of its eighteen elevators were operating on the morning of September 25.[2] In October 1952 a fire in the structure's subbasement caused five firemen to be overcome from smoke inhalation.[7]

Salmon Tower Building was sold by the estate of Charles Frederick Hoffman in June 1964, following an ownership of over sixty years. At the time its assessed value amounted to $5,250,000. It was situated on a plot of land which was 34,309 square feet.[1] It is currently owned by Tishman Speyer.



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