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Aerial view of the fall

The Municipal Park Monday and its main attraction - approximately 45 m tall and 120 m wide waterfall named Saltos del Monday[1] - are located in the Presidente Franco District, Alto Paraná Department, Paraguay, located between 25 ° 33'40, 6 and 54 ° 38'00,1 latitude, occupying an area of 4 acres (16,000 m2).


The average annual temperature is 21 °C, the highest reaches 38 °C and the minimum 0 °C. The highest annual amount of the country in rainfall occurs in the region of Alto Paraná.

Animals and Plants[edit]

The Municipal Park Monday includes a natural reserve of nine hectares covered by a thick vegetation, rich with diverse species of flora and fauna and is one of the last remaining blocks of the Atlantic Forest west from Paraná River.


The Monday River empties into the Paraná River, has a variable flow depending on the seasons of rain.


Salto Monday vistacaida agua cuerda bajan.png

In Presidente Franco District, nature gives the region a show over the waters, the imposing Monday Falls, form a remarkable natural spectacle that has a long history, it was one of the stations in the path of the pre-Hispanic Guarani.

The waterfall is more than 40 meters high and consists of three main falls with other minors who rushed up near the mouth of the River Monday, one of the major tributaries of the right bank of the Parana River.

It is a beautiful spectacle that foams with their yellow and white steam caused by the impact of water with rocks and bushes that surround the vast depression Monday River can be viewed from a system of walkways and viewpoints in a beautiful and well cared Natural Park. The park is used by tourists in the region for picnics, hikes and camps, trails in the midst of vegetation take visitors up viewpoints and walkways where you can contemplate the depression 40 meters from the river.

To those who like adventure, rocky cliffs favor the practice of climbing and rappelling alongside the water, hiking trails that cut through the park and go up the banks of the river. The attraction is inside the City Park Monday Jumps River, which provides space for camping and meals.

How to get there[edit]

You get to the park taking the highway that links Saltos del Guairá Presidente Franco. When you reach the viaduct km 4 Ciudad del Este takes southward. A 10 km south to his right hand, displayed a poster showing the path of entry into the jumps.


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Coordinates: 25°33′43″S 54°37′53″W / 25.56194°S 54.63139°W / -25.56194; -54.63139