Saltus-Werk Max Forst GmbH

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Saltus-Werk Max Forst GmbH
Industry automotive
Founded 1919
Products Torque wrenches and special tools
Number of employees

Saltus-Werk Max Forst GmbH, or SALTUS, is a member of the Saltus Technology AG Group whose registered offices are in Solingen, Germany. It manufactures handtools, click-type torque wrenches, electronic torque wrenches and special-purpose tools.


In 2013 the company employs around 100 staff. Saltus-Werk Max Forst is a specialist in matters relating to controlled tightening. The company focuses on documented fastener tightening and special-purpose tools for manual and automated joint tightening for customers in the fields of vehicle manufacture, automotive suppliers, engineering and plant construction, shipbuilding and the aerospace industry.


  • 1919, Max Forst founded a metalworking business in Solingen which manufactured hot-formed metal parts and tools.
  • 1931, the company was renamed Max Forst Werkzeugfabrik (tool manufacturers).
  • 1938, the company patented the world's first click-type torque wrench.
  • 1939, the first torque screwdriver was patented.
  • 1949, the company patented a ring-ratchet system with interchangeable tool inserts.
  • 1953, a design patent was registered for the multifunctional "3=1" combined open-jaw and joint-socket spanner.
Saltus Werkzeugfabrik
  • 1957, Max Forst Werkzeugfabrik was renamed Saltus-Werk Max Forst KG.
  • 1987, The entirely electronic torque wrench, the DAZ-E, was developed which was able to display, save, analyse and document measurements for the first time.
  • 1992, the EKDS, an electronic torque wrench particularly suited to fast production tasks, is patented internationally.
  • 1995, Saltus filed an international patent application for the first electronic torque wrench with angle measurement not requiring a reference arm.
  • 1997, Saltus-Werk Max Forst GmbH becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Saltus Technology AG.
  • 2003, Saltus-Werk Max Forst GmbH becomes certified to DIN ISO 9001.
  • 2004, the first mechatronic torque wrench (mechanical cut-out with wireless data transmission) is patented.}
mechatronic torque wrench

The production facility is in Solingen.

Coordinates: 51°09′49″N 7°07′02″E / 51.16361°N 7.11722°E / 51.16361; 7.11722

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