Salty Dog (band)

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Salty Dog
Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Glam metal, heavy metal, blues rock
Years active 1986–1991; 2011
Labels Geffen
Associated acts Dangerous Toys
American Dog
Past members Jimmi Bleacher
Pete Reveen
Michael Hannon
Khurt Maier
Scott Lane

Salty Dog was a hard rock band formed in late 1986 in Los Angeles by Jimmi Bleacher, Scott Lane, Michael Hannon and ex-Ratt drummer Khurt Maier. The band released its first and only major-label record in 1990, titled "Every Dog Has Its Day," composed of all original songs except for a cover of Willie Dixon's Spoonful. Guitarist Pete Reveen is the son of the magician Peter Reveen. The band, like many other hard-rock/metal bands in the early 1990s, were lost in the shuffle when the grunge-rock movement hit in late 1991 and swept the nation in 1992.

In 1994, bassist Michael Hannon replaced Mike Watson in the Austin, Texas based band Dangerous Toys. Hannon toured with them playing in over 200 shows from 1994-1995 in support of their 1994 album Pissed.[1]

In December 2011, the band reunited for a show at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA.



  • Jimmi Bleacher - vocals, guitar and harmonica
  • Pete Reveen- guitar and background vocals
  • Michael Hannon - bass and background vocals
  • Khurt Maier - drums and percussion
  • Scott Lane - guitar, banjo and background vocals


  • Every Dog Has Its Day - 1990 (Geffen)
  1. "Come Along"
  2. "Cat's Got Nine"
  3. "Ring My Bell"
  4. "Where the Sun Don't Shine"
  5. "Spoonful"
  6. "Just Like a Woman"
  7. "Sim Sala Bim"
  8. "Keep Me Down"
  9. "Heave Hard (She Comes Easy)"
  10. "Lonesome Fool"
  11. "Slow Daze"
  12. "Sacrifice Me"
  13. "Nothin' But a Dream"

Rumours have it that Salty Dog were to have a video aired on MTV for the single "Come Along", until their A & R representative at Geffen Records (whom they had a dispute with) told the network that if they were to air the song he would withhold the next Guns N' Roses video. The video never aired and the band were dropped from Geffen shortly thereafter.


Michael Hannon currently plays bass and is the lead singer of hard rock band American Dog.

American Dog is made up of Michael Hannon (bass and vocal), Steve Theado (lead guitar), Vinnie Salvatore (guitar) and Michael Harris (drums).

Pete Reveen, for some time, had played in the Las Vegas, Nevada-based classic rock tribute band Three Blind Mice. He currently plays in a Whitesnake tribute called Snakesbite, and an 80's tribute band named Rok of Ages.

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Peter Reveen is currently with Rok of Ages and no longer with Three Blind Mice.