Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto

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Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto
Restaurant information
Established September 2012
Current owner(s) Gruppo Parmacotto and Cesare Casella
Chef Chef Cesare Casella; Chef de Cuisine Will Hickox
Food type Italian
Street address 903 Madison Avenue (between East 72nd Street and East 73rd Streets), on the Upper East Side, in Manhattan
City New York
State New York
Postal code/ZIP 10021
Country United States
Coordinates 40°46′20″N 73°57′54″W / 40.772135°N 73.965052°W / 40.772135; -73.965052
Other locations 283 Amsterdam Avenue (near West 73rd Street), New York, NY 10023
Other information No full bar, because under city rules it is considered too close to a church.[1]

Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto is an Italian restaurant located at 903 Madison Avenue (between East 72nd Street and East 73rd Street), a block north of the Ralph Lauren store on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, in New York City.[2][3] It opened in September 2012.[4]


The food consists of Italian dishes inspired by Tuscan cuisine, such as high-quality meats, cheeses, and truffles—like aged Prosciutto San Daniele and wine-soaked Ubriaco Raboso.[5]

The chef is Cesare Casella, originally from Lucca in Tuscany, and head of the Italian Culinary Academy.[1][2][3][6] The chef de cuisine is Will Hickox.[6] The Rosi family's Gruppo Parmacotto of Italy and Casella are partners in the restaurant.[3][6][7]


The restaurant has a theatrical dining room, designed by Hollywood set designer Dante Ferretti, combining faux-Roman statues and peeling-paint Pompeii-like frescos with recessed spotlights, red walls, and modern white leather armchairs.[1][3][6][7]


In 2012, Time Out New York gave it three stars and New York Magazine gave it two stars.[3][6] In 2013, Zagats gave it a food rating of 25, the fifth-best in the East 70s.[2]

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