Salvadoran presidential election, 1984

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Presidential elections were held in El Salvador on 25 March 1984, with a second round on 6 May.[1] The Salvadoran people elected a new president, together with a vice-president, for a five-year term. The result was a victory for José Napoleón Duarte of the Christian Democratic Party.

The elections took place against the backdrop of the Salvadoran Civil War, but were considered to be the freest and fairest presidential election since 1931.


Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
José Napoleón Duarte Christian Democratic Party 549,727 43.41 752,625 53.59
Roberto D'Aubuisson Nationalist Republican Alliance 376,917 29.77 651,741 46.41
José Francisco Guerrero Party of National Conciliation 244,556 19.31
René Fortin Magaña Democratic Action 43,939 3.47
Francisco Quiñones Avila Popular Salvadoran Party 24,395 1.92
Roberto Escobar García Salvadoran Authentic Institutional Party 15,430 1.22
Juan Ramón Rosales Stable Republican Centrist Movement 6,645 0.52
Gilberto Trujillo Popular Orientation Party 4,677 0.37
Invalid/blank votes 153,217 - 119,713 -
Total 1,419,503 100 1,524,079 100
Source: Nohlen


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