Salvadoran presidential election, 1989

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Presidential elections were held in El Salvador on 19 March 1989.[1] The result was a victory for Alfredo Cristiani of the ARENA party, who secured a majority in the first round. The election marked the first time in Salvadoran history that power was transferred from one democratically elected president to another. Voter turnout was 54.7%.[2]

Election results[edit]

Candidate Party Votes %
Alfredo Cristiani Nationalist Republican Alliance 505,370 53.8
Fidel Chávez Mena Christian Democratic Party 342,732 36.5
Rafael Morán Castañeda Party of National Conciliation 38,218 4.1
Guillermo Ungo Democratic Convergence 35,642 3.8
Julio Adolfo Rey Prendes Authentic Democratic Christian Movement 9,300 1.0
Hugo Barrera Popular Union 4,609 0.5
Ricardo Molina Renovating Action Party 3,207 0.3
Invalid/blank votes 64,075 -
Total 1,003,153 100
Source: Nohlen


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