Salwa, Kuwait

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Salwa is located in Al- Andalus
Coordinates: 29°18′N 48°5′E / 29.300°N 48.083°E / 29.300; 48.083
Country  Kuwait
Governorate Hawalli Governorate
 • Total 36,108
Time zone AST (UTC+3)

Salwa (place of the casuals) is a suburb of the Hawalli Governorate in Kuwait, bordering Rumaithiya to the north and Messila to the south. To the east (across Cooperative Road), it overlooks the Persian Gulf. Divided into twelve blocks, it is a residential area with a population close to 36,108.

Like all suburbs in Kuwait, Salwa has its own government-run clinic and its own shopping center. This includes a supermarket and various restaurants (including Burger King and Starbucks coffee). A McDonald's has recently opened in the public park, located in Block 11.

Houses in the area are generally 2-3 stories high, and a large number of Westerners reside in Salwa. It is home to many private American and English schools like Kuwait English School

Embassies in Salwa[edit]

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Coordinates: 29°18′N 48°05′E / 29.300°N 48.083°E / 29.300; 48.083