Sam's Song

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Sam's Song
Directed by John Broderick
John Shade
Produced by Christopher C. Dewey
Written by John Broderick
Starring Robert De Niro
Music by Gershon Kingsley
Cinematography Álex Phillips Jr.
Edited by Arline Garson
Release dates
May 26, 1969
Running time
89 minutes
Language English

Sam's Song is a 1969 drama film starring Robert De Niro. It was directed by John Broderick and John Shade.

A political filmmaker finds himself in Long Island for a weekend where he finds himself entangled with a high-living, jet set crowd. At first it is exciting, but soon he finds himself disillusioned by their shallowness. The film contains an early performance by Robert De Niro. Footage from Sam's Song was later re-edited into a completely different movie, known as both The Swap and Line of Fire, in which a man investigates the death of his brother (released 1979).

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