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For the submariner, see Samuel David Dealey.
Sam Dealey
Born Texas, U.S.
Status Single
Education Cornell University, B.A.
Occupation Foreign Correspondent

Sam Dealey is an American journalist and media consultant, and the former Editor of The Washington Times. He is a media fellow at the Hoover Institution, a board member at the American Spectator.[1][2] He was a partner at the public relations and lobbying firm, Qorvis.[3]

Education and early career[edit]

Dealey became interested in journalism while at Cornell University. During his sophomore year he worked in Washington D.C. at the National Journalism Center and for political columnist Robert Novak. While at Cornell he also worked for National Review in Washington. Upon graduation he moved down to the capital and began writing for The American Spectator, eventually becoming the paper's assistant managing editor. He then joined The Hill newspaper as a political reporter. In 1999, Dealey joined the Wall Street Journal's editorial page as a writer and editor in Hong Kong, covering Southeast Asia, China, the Koreas, and human and religious freedoms.[1]

The Washington Times[edit]

In January 2010 he was hired by the Washington Times as editor-in-chief.[4][5] In November 2010 he was let go by the Times after a change of ownership.[6]



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