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Sam Harper
Residence California
Nationality American
Occupation filmmaker, screenwriter
Years active 1993–present
Notable work Just Married[1]
Home town New York City
Children three boys

Sam Harper is an American filmmaker.[2]


Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio, Jamaica. Harper performed here as a youth.

Harper was born into an artistic family with a father who was a painter and a mother who was a writer. While a youth during a vacation to Port Antonio, Jamaica, he performed with his brothers and friends the Beatles song A Hard Day's Night at the Blue Lagoon. After college, he worked as a reporter and associate editor for the advertising industry trade publication Advertising Age in New York City before coming to California to work as a story analyst.[3] Harper's primary role has been a screenwriter but he has been a director and producer as well. Many of Harper's films have received mixed to neutral reviews from film critics[4][5][6] but have been highly profitable at the box office in terms of gross receipts.[3][7][8][9][10][11] He is perhaps best known for the 2003 romantic comedy film Just Married starring Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy which achieved neutral to negative reviews[1][4][12] but which had substantial profitability.[7][8] Harper based the story, in part, on his own self-declared less-than-idyllic honeymoon in Italy with his wife.[1][12] Harper worked with Jamie Foxx on Rio, Martin Lawrence on Open Season, Bonnie Hunt on Cheaper by the Dozen 2, David Moscow on Just Married, and Bonnie Hunt on Cheaper by the Dozen.[2] He has loosely drawn characters in his screenplays from experiences involving his family members.[12][13]

Harper is the son of painter and advertising agency chairman of Needham Harper Worldwide Paul Harper Jr., and has five siblings including actress Jessica Harper, composer William Harper, illustrator Lindsay Harper duPont, Rev. Charles Harper and Diana Harper. He is the father of three boys.

Film projects[edit]

Sam Harper Filmography
Year Film Medium Role(s) Budget Earnings Notes
1993 Rookie of the Year Film Screenwriter $53,579,269 [2][3][10][14]
2003 Cheaper by the Dozen Film Screenwriter $40,000,000 $190,212,113 [2][11]
2003 Just Married Film Screenwriter $18,000,000 $101,564,935 [1][2][4][7][8]
2005 Cheaper by the Dozen 2 Film Screenwriter $82,569,532 [2][3][6][15]
2006 Open Season Film Screenwriter [2]
2007 The Last Day of Summer TV movie Executive producer [2]
2009 House Broken Film Screenwriter, director Earlier title No place like home[2][16][17]
2011 Rio Film Screenwriter $90,000,000 $141,932,576 [2][5][9][18][19]
Overparenting Screenwriter (in development)[2]
The Jetsons Screenwriter (in development)[2]
In Harm's Way Screenwriter (in development)[2]


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