Sam Mehran

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Sam Mehran
Birth name Sam Mehran
Also known as Sam Crowley, Sam Meringue, Moon Rax, P.aisley Mist
Born (1986-08-18) August 18, 1986 (age 27)
Origin United States
Genres Indie rock, Pop, Avant Garde, Minimalism
Instruments Vocals, Guitar, Shortwave Radio, Drum Machine, 4-Track
Years active 2001–Present
Labels Domino
Associated acts Test Icicles, Outer Limitz/Outer Limits Recordings
Notable instruments
Peavey Raptor, Tascam Portastudio, Zoom 505

Sam Mehran [pronounced 'merr-anne' ] (born August 18, 1986) also known as Sam Meringue, is an American Australian musician best known for being a member of short lived band Test Icicles, as well as having been in a large number of other side projects.

Early life[edit]

Mehran was born in Miami in Florida, America. He moved to Adelaide, Australia when he was 7 years old. He began rapping at the age of 8 and was formed his first band, "Thunderbox", at the age of 12. He toured with Australian bands The Be-Bops, The Piggy Backs and "Wet Dream Warriors" when he was 16, before moving to Singapore, Brooklyn and then London. Once he had moved to London he became involved in a number of independent film and music projects. These were with Rory Attwell and Devonte Hynes in particular but would also frequently feature Ferry Gouw and Chris Steele-Nicholson of Semifinalists, Tim Sullivan of Damn Arms and Tom Vek. This resulted in a number of spontaneous, short lived bands, including "IntenseDudes".

Test Icicles[edit]

Mehran and Gouw went on to form a competitive sports-themed band with Attwell named "Balls". However, Gouw needed to go home for the summer when Balls had been booked to play with The Unicorns in Nottingham. Not wanting to cancel the gig, Meringue and Attwell decided to form a Balls sister-band called Test Icicles. They recruited Dev Hynes to join them. In early 2005 the three moved to a first-floor flat in Dalston where they recorded a large amount of demos and used MySpace as a key way of gaining fans and getting their music heard. They became signed to the independent label Domino Records and released an album For Screening Purposes Only but split in February 2006.

Post Test Icicles[edit]

Prior to the band's split he was involved in a number of short lived projects, many with Hynes, including NLS Crew, Fish Trip, Trucker Dreams Inc, Testosterone Dream and Loose Leaf Syndicate but wasn't known to be involved with anything since. In 2010 however, it became apparent that Mehran has been active in the music industry at an underground level under the alias of Sam Meringue. A few of his 'projects' are - Matrix Metals,[1] Yoga, Explorers, Blues Runner, Wingdings, Foxy Baby, Outer Limits Recordings,[2] The Sweethearts[3] and most recently Outer Limitz.[4]