Sam Shing Stop

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Sam Shing
Hong Kong MTR Light Rail stop
LRT Sam Shing Terminus.JPG
Sam Shing Terminus platform
Station location and services
Line  Light Rail 505
LR code 920
District Tuen Mun
Area Sam Shing Estate and Hanford Garden
LR service hours 0530-0110
Station design
Structure Ground
Platforms 3
Type of platforms Side
Opened 2 February 1992

Reserved area for branch lines in Sam Shing Terminus

Sam Shing Stop (Chinese: 三聖站) is a MTR Light Rail terminus located on the ground near Hoi Wing Road, inside Hanford Garden and next to Sam Shing Estate in Tuen Mun District, Hong Kong. It began service on 2 February 1992 and belongs to Zone 1. It serves Sam Shing Estate and Hanford Garden.

There are three platforms in the terminus. Platform 1 is the terminus of Line 505. Platform 2 is reserved for emergency use. Platform 3 is for alighting.

The stop was named Sam Shing Terminus (Chinese: 三聖總站) before June 13, 2010.

Reserved area[edit]

Besides the current Line 505, there were other two branch lines planned for the terminus, departing to Chi Lok Fa Yuen and Hong Kong Gold Coast in Tuen Mun respectively. But the plan was later left out by British Hong Kong Government due to insufficient population in the two places in the 1990s. As a result, there are still some vacant areas left in the terminus after the terminus completed construction.

Neighbouring stops[edit]

Preceding stop   MTR Light Rail   Following stop
Terminus 505
towards Siu Hong


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Coordinates: 22°22′58″N 113°58′36″E / 22.38278°N 113.97667°E / 22.38278; 113.97667