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Native to Philippines, Malaysia
Region Tawi-Tawi and neighboring islands of the Sulu Archipelago (Sibutu, Siasi), Darvel Bay and north coast of Sabah
Ethnicity Sama, Banguingui
Native speakers
400,000  (2000–2007)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
ssb – Southern Sama
sml – Central Sama
sse – Balangingi Sama

Sama (also known as Sinama or Inner Sulu Sama), is the language of the Sama people of the Sulu Archipelago. There is some difference between the islands, and Ethnologue divides it into three languages based on mutual intelligibility. Pangutaran Sama to the west is more distinct.

The prestige dialect is that of Simunul. The lyrics of the song called Kiriring Pakiriring (popularly known as Dalay Dalay) were written in this language.


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