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Saman Hasnain
Saman Hasnain 1.jpg
Mrs. Pakistan World 2008 - Saman Hasnain
Born (1972-11-01) 1 November 1972 (age 42)
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Residence Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Occupation Actress, Model, Beauty Queen
Years active 2007–present
Spouse(s) Jawad Hasnain (1995–present)
Children 2

Saman Hasnain (Punjabi, Urdu: سمن حسنین‎), from Lahore, Pakistan, is a former Mrs. Pakistan World 2008 winner.

Mrs. Pakistan World 2008[edit]

Hasnain won the title of Mrs. Pakistan World 2008, making her the 2nd winner to hold this title. Hasnain became a crowd favorite for being the most beautiful Mrs. Pakistan World[1] to achieve this title. Hasnain was also in the limelight for her use of Urdu Literature and poetry.[2]

International pageants[edit]

Mrs. World[edit]

In June 2008 Hasnain competed in the Mrs. World 2008, winning "Mrs Congeniality" and "Best Dressed". This was the second time Pakistan participated in the Mrs. World competition.[3]

Mrs. Globe[edit]

After her success in the Mrs. World competition, Hasnain represented Pakistan in the Mrs. Globe beauty pageant in USA. She was also awarded $15,000 in a "Smile Competition" in Mrs. Globe 2008.[4] In September she won several titles in that competition, including Mrs. Congeniality, Mother and Wife of the Year, Best New Country, Spirit of WIN and the Friendship Award voted by all the contestants.[5] Hasnain went on to open a branch of the Spirit of WIN charity in Pakistan and finished a few short films on the subject of women, children and poverty.[6]


Hasnain is married and the mother of two boys. She is originally from Lahore, Pakistan[7] In March 2010 she received an award at the pride of performance ceremony By "Safeer-E-Pakistan" GEO TV (a local Pakistani award. Hasnain is working on various charity programs in Pakistan and will be hosting a morning show in Lahore, Pakistan.

“Now the Santa Clara County deputy district attorney has charged them with ripping off 17 people -- just a fraction of the 80 to 100 families he says they defrauded. The Hasnains each face 19 felony counts of conspiracy to commit grand theft in the loan-modification scheme, and Jawad has been charged with nine additional counts of felony grand theft for allegedly enticing victims from 2006 through July 2010 into investing in a fraudulent 10-unit condominium development in Fremont.”

Preceded by
Misbah Yasin- Iqbal
Mrs. Pakistan World
Succeeded by
Tahmena Bokhari

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